The Grand Illusion

I’m not friends with any of these people, but suddenly I want to gather them all in the same room for the purpose of conducting a perverse psychological experiment on my own brain. In the last twenty-four hours, I’ve gone from “I couldn’t care less about high school” to I want to help organize the … More The Grand Illusion

Extroverted Exoskeleton

This weekend we had people over, and because I am an extreme introvert, I hyped myself up warming up in b-ball shorts and a hoodie, wearing my Beats headphones shadow boxing to Barbra Steisand singing People from Funny Girl. I am a human Transformer. I can switch my insides outside and become Extroverted Exoskeleton.  If … More Extroverted Exoskeleton

The Queen of El Lay

Rolling Stone once dubbed Joni Mitchell the Queen of El Lay, in a somewhat sexist jab at her legendary sexual conquests in 1960s California. This actually has nothing with what I’m going to write about, but it’s the first thought I had when I came to out of my Xanax coma in a hotel in … More The Queen of El Lay