Trash Mall

Taking a tangent break from working on my manuscript to bring you a special episode of VH1 Behind the Music — Behind the Writing, whatever. I’m working on a piece that explores identity — and you’ll be able to read the full thing next week after it stews in the crockpot longer and burns down … More Trash Mall

Calendar Burlesque

January doesn’t get mad, she’s just disappointed. You let yourself go again, hog maw. You come bearing gifts: your paunch and your pallor, as well as a hangover¬†from partying with December. Countdown from ten and here you are again. It’s your courtship, your dance, you and January do this annually. Break up to make up, … More Calendar Burlesque

Dear Meg, a Letter to my Favorite 1980s Advice Columnist

Dear Meg, you may remember my letters. You probably don’t because I never wrote them. I only imagined our long conversations in my head. I didn’t have imaginary friends, Meg. I had advice columnists. I had you, though you never had me. I also communicated telepathically with Landers, her sister Abby, and Miss Manners. I … More Dear Meg, a Letter to my Favorite 1980s Advice Columnist

My Pet Trollop

Taking a break from my for real writing this week. Life has been hard the past two weeks as a parent, being scared of simple, mundane life things, like sending children to school. I don’t have thoughts beyond that, but I do have trollops. Let’s talk about the pack of trollops I got from the … More My Pet Trollop