Toy Archaeology – Skeleton Warriors

This weekend the wife and I were slumming around a few ratty record shops and antique shops in Baltimore, the word "antique" being a bit of a misnomer. These are really just junk stores with some overpriced lamps for good measure. My favorite store has what appear to be slop troughs, set up in the … Continue reading Toy Archaeology – Skeleton Warriors


They've been shoving the whole "science is cool" thing down our throats for years. On every cartoon, show, and movie, there's always some nerd who saves the day with science. Meanwhile, your favorite subject, lunch time, rarely recieves any credit. It never had the fame. (But I'll put it out there -- lunch is freaking … Continue reading THE SURFING PIZZA Makes Quicksand

The Shoney’s Bear

Last week, I found a brand new (in the bag at least) Shoney's Bear! Man, remember Shoney's? They were around here in early 90s, late 80s. It was a breakfast buffett place mainly, but according to the website, they sell Rockin' Ribs Combos and other shit served in wicker baskets. Their slogan is "Aww, that's … Continue reading The Shoney’s Bear