2XL – Robot of the Future

This is 2-XL, a futuristic robot from the 70s. I met him at the thrift store. Just look at those eyes, though hard plastic and robot-button red, they have a life-like emotive quality about them. Or maybe I'm going crazy. But among the unwanted Bratz dolls and generic RC cars, I could hear 2-XL's eyes … Continue reading 2XL – Robot of the Future

Awesome Carnival Prize Jurassic Park Poster

"Thick foilage fills the heavily fortified pen, where the vicious raptors wait to devour anyone foolish enough to step inside." Found this sucker at Value Village for $2.82. The girlfriend is the one who actually found it, bringing it over and telling me to "brace myself." No, I did not drop everything in my hands … Continue reading Awesome Carnival Prize Jurassic Park Poster