Note to November, You Suck.

November, you're a drag. I'm waiting for December, the month with the better holiday and better desserts. I want to get to the gifts gifts gifts gifts gifts. Gluttony and engorging myself at Thanksgiving simply isn't as fun a sin as greed greed greed greed greed. Although I do like the word engorge. Engorge engorge … Continue reading Note to November, You Suck.

Giving Thanks For … French Bread Pizzas

Today is Thanksgiving and today I am thankful for Stouffer's French Bread Pizzas. THE SURFING PIZZA approves of few pizzas. Stouffer's French Bread Pizzas make the cut. (Ed. Note--I did not eat these on Thanksgiving. I ate a real meal surrounded by family and homemade pies!) These are cheap and delicious. While making a Mama … Continue reading Giving Thanks For … French Bread Pizzas