Eating Boogers and Zits, “Snot” Your Regular Candy

I’ve previously raved about Walgreens’ Halloween selection, where I bought a good chunk of my Halloween decorations this year, but I have not talked about CVS and their Halloween offerings yet.  I don’t know what it is, but it seems to be that CVS attracts the sickest of the sick customers, the ones not just with the … More Eating Boogers and Zits, “Snot” Your Regular Candy

A Halloween Cookie

I found these tins with a single cookie inside.   To warrant an entire tin for itself, I thought this cookie must be delicious.  Cookies have an allure for me.  I remembered the cookies of yore, from my school days, sold by the special interest groups, like music class.  Not that these cookies were any good–it was … More A Halloween Cookie