Marshmallow vs. Marshmallow

Here we go. It's going to be a marshmallow throw down. Two chocolate-covered marshmallows. Both shaped as pumpkins. Russell Stover and Peeps. One will be declared victorious. The other will be shamed in the only way marshmallows can be shamed. By publicly calling them out on the Internet. On the left side, we have Russell … Continue reading Marshmallow vs. Marshmallow

Peeps Stunt Cycle

I have all these ideas. I don't know if they're good or bad ideas, funny or stupid ideas. My brain has no quality control. I've always had them. One time I had this idea to drop a flashlight on my sister's face. That sounds quite barbaric, but I was thinking of a spotlight. I stood … Continue reading Peeps Stunt Cycle

ET Punches Others Before They Start Eating

I found this ET punching puppet a few months ago, and have been waiting for the right moment to give him the spotlight. I actually have a couple of oddball ET toys and thought about an "ET toys" post--but this ET punching puppet has a spirit all his own, demanding a post all to himself. … Continue reading ET Punches Others Before They Start Eating