On 10/11/2010, McDonald's announced on Twitter "Turns out we're not good at keeping secrets. The rumors are true. McRib returns Nov. 2 for a limited time @McDonalds NATIONWIDE!" My friend, last-name-and-goes-by Beckner, came up with an idea for a McRib flash mob on November 2nd. Then another friend of his, a guy named Monroe, coined … Continue reading McRib-Together

Confessions of a Former Fast Food Employee

I am a former fast food employee, and I have some confessions to make. We all blame McDonald's now for fat kids, mad cows, and Morgan Spurlock, but you'll have to blame me too. I was there. I worked at McDonald's from the ages of 15 to 18. I was very good at it. You … Continue reading Confessions of a Former Fast Food Employee

McDonald’s Christmas Muppet Babies

McDonald's used to be a part of the holiday tradition--I remember the commercial with the children ice skating--and that's when I knew Christmas was coming closer. I have McNostalgia. I'm talking about the little boxes of McDonaldland cookies, not those "fresh-baked" cookies sitting in a plastic showcase, which appear to be in the first stages … Continue reading McDonald’s Christmas Muppet Babies