The Surfing Pizza says Happy Halloween!

The other night we carved up this jolly guy and ate all his innards. We also ate pizza, drank pumpkin beer, baked crappy cookies with ghosts on 'em, and pounded down some candy. We played a Halloween CD I bought in the dollar section from Target, generically titled "Spooky CD". It is a great example … Continue reading The Surfing Pizza says Happy Halloween!

Eating Boogers and Zits, “Snot” Your Regular Candy

I've previously raved about Walgreens' Halloween selection, where I bought a good chunk of my Halloween decorations this year, but I have not talked about CVS and their Halloween offerings yet.  I don't know what it is, but it seems to be that CVS attracts the sickest of the sick customers, the ones not just with the … Continue reading Eating Boogers and Zits, “Snot” Your Regular Candy

A Halloween Cookie

I found these tins with a single cookie inside.   To warrant an entire tin for itself, I thought this cookie must be delicious.  Cookies have an allure for me.  I remembered the cookies of yore, from my school days, sold by the special interest groups, like music class.  Not that these cookies were any good--it was … Continue reading A Halloween Cookie