Thrift Store Monday. Issue 001.

I sell stuff on eBay, so thrifting is like playing scratch-off tickets with better odds. The three biggest hits I've ever found each valued around $400. That's my high-water mark, and I hope to beat it during of my new weekly series, #ThriftStoreMonday. However, issue TSM-001 is going to have humble beginnings, as I've only … Continue reading Thrift Store Monday. Issue 001.

A Review of Crappy Pranks

I've always loved to look at the packaged jokes and pranks you find at beachside shops and party stores, wondering if they actually work and if you could actually fool someone. I've never pulled off a good prank myself, although I used to tell my sister she was adopted from China and that her real … Continue reading A Review of Crappy Pranks

Adopt A Piece of Crap In Need

As I write this, they are putting new windows on our house, so in between commas and musings on crap, I hear BANGING, CLANGING, glass shattering, and talk of a gorgeous redhead from Ocean City. Apparently, she is worth the trip. Crap is pretty much my favorite word. It's succinct and has multiple uses. You … Continue reading Adopt A Piece of Crap In Need