THE SURFING PIZZA’S Holiday Gift Guide

Let's face it--making a coupon book for your loved ones filled with favors you'll never actually do is a terrible Christmas gift. And the way you cook, that Good For a Candlelit Dinner for Two is not a coupon they'll be rushing to redeem. Wandering the malls never does much good either. You'll just find … Continue reading THE SURFING PIZZA’S Holiday Gift Guide

A Weird Ass Christmas Parade

Sunday was the Mayor's Christmas Parade in Baltimore. It's not a glitzy downtown parade, but a rag tag neighborhood parade lent credibility by propping the mayor in a cream-colored car and riding her down Falls Road ahead of the high school marching bands and people dressed like Elvis. That rag tag neighborhood is Hampden, an … Continue reading A Weird Ass Christmas Parade

A Bizarrely Emotive Singing Gorilla

Dolls with "press me" buttons used to be so simple, but some of these things today have the animated abilities of early Disneyworld attractions. Like gremlins, each Christmas a new batch is unleashed, of bell-ringing penguins and ear-flapping dogs, pelvic-wagging Santas, and his 9 seizuring reindeer. Some of these freewheeling little toys today can even … Continue reading A Bizarrely Emotive Singing Gorilla

The Beautiful Crappiness of the Swiss Colony Catalog

Serendipitously, a catalog from mailorder gift peddlers, The Swiss Colony arrived in my mailbox. The postman wasn't paying attention to what block he was on, and getting Pam's catalog by accident was an early Christmas gift. My family ordered from The Swiss Colony maybe once, but that's all it takes to be on their mailing … Continue reading The Beautiful Crappiness of the Swiss Colony Catalog

THE SURFING PIZZA Does Stocking Stuffers

Tonight, I wanted to talk about stocking stuffers, and how it's done right. Stockings are like, the appetizers of Christmas morning. Every member of the family should have a personalized or special one, even the dog. I come from the school that stocking stuffers should be each wrapped up, even if it's just a 3-Pak … Continue reading THE SURFING PIZZA Does Stocking Stuffers