Hot Buttered Rum Experiment

I'm a beer person. I can never remember the order of that rule, beer after liquor before beer. No matter what, I always end up in the "never sicker" camp. So I stick with beer and steer clear of concoctions with the word "juice" in the title. I'm lying though. Sure, I'll try the swamp … Continue reading Hot Buttered Rum Experiment

Flaming Fiber Optic Bear

I can only explain this stupid bear in one way: my mother gave it to me. "Just a little something for the apartment," she said. I sat it on the corner table, feeling the bear absorb all of the energy in the room. But I try my best to use and appreciate every gift I … Continue reading Flaming Fiber Optic Bear

The Great Big Doublestuffed Post of Tacky Christmas Crap

There's always that one house in the neighborhood that's The House, the one with lights in places you wouldn't have thought of and a towering balloon Santa in the yard. Growing up, there was a house we coined The Tacky House. Every conceiveable inch of that house had a light on it, the entire yard … Continue reading The Great Big Doublestuffed Post of Tacky Christmas Crap

The Tannenbaum Tradition

If life had a soundtrack, finding the annual Christmas Tree would have the Nutcracker Suite playing in the background. It's vaguely maddening, but in a delightful way. We drive twenty five minutes into the county where I am sure there will be tree lots. I am right, for once. There's an actual tree lot. We … Continue reading The Tannenbaum Tradition

McDonald’s Christmas Muppet Babies

McDonald's used to be a part of the holiday tradition--I remember the commercial with the children ice skating--and that's when I knew Christmas was coming closer. I have McNostalgia. I'm talking about the little boxes of McDonaldland cookies, not those "fresh-baked" cookies sitting in a plastic showcase, which appear to be in the first stages … Continue reading McDonald’s Christmas Muppet Babies