I got so many awesome gifts that I probably don't deserve. I dig these gifts so much, I wanted to show them off. Blogging and gifts, goes together like crackers and cheese. First, I got a Wii. What a surprise! The parents gave it to me. They must like me, or are trying to buy … Continue reading SURFING PIZZA’S CHRISTMAS HAUL

THE SURFING PIZZA’S Holiday Gift Guide

Let's face it--making a coupon book for your loved ones filled with favors you'll never actually do is a terrible Christmas gift. And the way you cook, that Good For a Candlelit Dinner for Two is not a coupon they'll be rushing to redeem. Wandering the malls never does much good either. You'll just find … Continue reading THE SURFING PIZZA’S Holiday Gift Guide

THE SURFING PIZZA Does Stocking Stuffers

Tonight, I wanted to talk about stocking stuffers, and how it's done right. Stockings are like, the appetizers of Christmas morning. Every member of the family should have a personalized or special one, even the dog. I come from the school that stocking stuffers should be each wrapped up, even if it's just a 3-Pak … Continue reading THE SURFING PIZZA Does Stocking Stuffers