Hitting the Crap Jackpot

At last, no trip is complete without bringing home an armload of trinkets, postcards, and candy. When I was a kid, picking out a souvenir from vacation was a week-long, painstaking decision. I could pick out one thing, maybe two, if I played my cards right. I had to make sure I didn't blow my … Continue reading Hitting the Crap Jackpot

Sights on the Atlantic City Boardwalk

So the weekend trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey. To be honest, we sort of decided to go after a weekend bender of playing Monopoly. That's always fun until someone throws the board on the floor, scattering the worthless little houses. Yeah, I said it--worthless--and the blood of puppies will run in the streets before … Continue reading Sights on the Atlantic City Boardwalk

Disturbing Tales from a Bob’s Big Boy Rest Stop

I've always liked rest stops along the interstates. They are a study in what humans will settle for after sitting in a car for seven hours. Suddenly, a soppy hamburger that has been sitting under a heat lamp passes for a meal. And the bathroom, where the soap is out and the toilet paper is … Continue reading Disturbing Tales from a Bob’s Big Boy Rest Stop