Halloween Stickers Past and Present

Halloween used to be in soft-focus, fuzzy, less-defined. And it wasn't just the fact that I needed glasses, and no one noticed until I was about ten years old. Finally, some saint of a teacher noticed the increasingly strange ways I was distorting my eyes to see the blackboard. I was past mere squinting at … Continue reading Halloween Stickers Past and Present

Rad 80s and 90s Sticker Collection

Sticker are one of mankind's greatest inventions. They made 'em in scratch n sniff, in puffy, in 3D, in googly eyes, and in all sizes, characters, and cartoons. You decorated your notebooks with them, your face, and to your mother's chagrin, your headboard and mirror. The advanced sticker users among us went a step further. … Continue reading Rad 80s and 90s Sticker Collection