The Queen of El Lay

Rolling Stone once dubbed Joni Mitchell the Queen of El Lay, in a somewhat sexist jab at her legendary sexual conquests in 1960s California. This actually has nothing with what I’m going to write about, but it’s the first thought I had when I came to out of my Xanax coma in a hotel in … More The Queen of El Lay

Trash Mall

Taking a tangent break from working on my manuscript to bring you a special episode of VH1 Behind the Music — Behind the Writing, whatever. I’m working on a piece that explores identity — and you’ll be able to read the full thing next week after it stews in the crockpot longer and burns down … More Trash Mall

My Pet Trollop

Taking a break from my for real writing this week. Life has been hard the past two weeks as a parent, being scared of simple, mundane life things, like sending children to school. I don’t have thoughts beyond that, but I do have trollops. Let’s talk about the pack of trollops I got from the … More My Pet Trollop

The Candwich, A Complete History of the World’s Only Sandwich in a Can

This is the story of the Candwich, the sandwich marketed as the world’s only sandwich in a can. It’s a uniquely American story nearly three decades in the making — one of novelty, invention, entrepreneurialism, fraud, failure, and just general skeeving people out. And while it’s been found in fractured pieces and reviews online, I’m … More The Candwich, A Complete History of the World’s Only Sandwich in a Can