Has a House

I'd like to share some cool news with you guys. Me and the girlfriend are homeowners. Just to document it, I'd like to reflect on how we got here for a moment. The girlfriend was addicted to the househunting shows, using HGTV like an IV drip. She went as far to name Sandra Rinomato, host … Continue reading Has a House

My Short Career as a Film Director

Before I decided on being a writer, for a few years I had the idea that I was going to be a film director. This all started on career day at school. Everyone went around saying what they were going to be when they grew up, future football players, police officers, and marine biologists among … Continue reading My Short Career as a Film Director

I Love Haunted House

Trimper's Haunted House in Ocean City, MD. When I was kid, this ride scared me to death. There is, afterall, a bat with a blood-soaked mouth at its helm. Sure, he's obviously plaster. But he represents the horrors inside that house. Sure, he's obviously pretend. But clearly, there's a real one inside. This ride has … Continue reading I Love Haunted House

Bug Stories

Back from a week long vacation, and I have lots to share on The Pizza, including day-glo pictures of the insides of the world's greatest Haunted House ride, an in-depth look at a box of trading cards that I found at the flea market (and how I'm now only 1 of possibly 5 people in … Continue reading Bug Stories

Chi Chi’s: A Story of Salsa and Food Poisoning

My family went to Chi Chi's to mark all of life's minor celebrations: an A on a test, my sister earning a spot in the school play, the dog quit barfing blood. Afterall, Chi Chi's was "a celebration of food," and the antibiotics were working. Spritzie would live. And we were going to celebrate. Any … Continue reading Chi Chi’s: A Story of Salsa and Food Poisoning