Notes On Optimism

I once got completely suckered into one of those "you've won a free vacation" phone calls. It was about nine o'clock at night when my cellphone rang. "YOU'VE WON!" a man exclaimed. "Not interested," I interrupted, about to hang up. "No, you've really won! You'd filled out a slip, last year at the Towson Spring … Continue reading Notes On Optimism

The Road To Disney World

We're young. We're in love. We're getting married. And then, WE'RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD. But first, there's the whole wedding thing. The girlfriend was never one of those "OMG WEDDING" girls. She wasn't the type of girl who had dreamed about getting married since childhood. She recoiled from phrases like "my special day," and … Continue reading The Road To Disney World

Holiday Road

We first became aware of the song at the end of last summer, during a long three hours in the car. We were coming back from Ocean City, Maryland. It was September, when the days are still warm, but the nights get cool. It was still summer on the calendar, but the kids were back … Continue reading Holiday Road

Stuff From Summer

It's coming. The white death is near. It's about to start snowing in a few hours. We've had a bitter cold winter so far, but no snow accumulation yet. This should be the first. In a little while, I'll run to up to the store TO FUCKING PANIC, but I'm not sure if I'll buy … Continue reading Stuff From Summer

Fifteen Adult Observations on Children’s Christmas Specials

When I was a kid, I never missed a single Christmas special. It was a religion. I had it coordinated with the TV Guide and remote control. Sure, we had videotaped copies of the specials sitting in a box in the basement, but there was something spiritual about watching it live on television. I felt … Continue reading Fifteen Adult Observations on Children’s Christmas Specials