I've been wanting to write something about my wife for the last few weeks. If what I write comes off incredibly corny and sentimental, well, I'm giving myself permission to write badly. More heart writing. I met her at a dive bar of all places. It's okay, because it was karaoke night. Any other night … Continue reading Shelter


The first thing I would tell you about my mother is that she was strong. She was handed difficult things from an early age, but she endured everything with such grace and optimism. I've never felt afraid of bad things in life because I've always felt so protected by her ability to understand and explain … Continue reading Ocean

Swimming Pool

My mom didn't make it. She passed. She died. She died randomly, unexpectedly, and in a truly gruesome way. She was 56. I'm in shock. I probably shouldn't even be writing anything. It will be too raw, without the insight of time. So I don't know what you will get. Someone told me that in … Continue reading Swimming Pool

Do You Have OCD? — Or — Record Collecting Might Be A Great Hobby For You

Do you have obsessive-compulsive disorder? Are you currently collecting comic books, action figures, stray animals, or stacks of newspapers piled to the ceiling? Do you check to make sure that the oven is off five times before you leave the house, and then ask your wife if she's sure it was off after driving a … Continue reading Do You Have OCD? — Or — Record Collecting Might Be A Great Hobby For You

Baby You Can Drive My Car

I bought a new car. I'll sum up the dealing with car salesmen experience in two words. Space aliens. It's all there: fake emotions, vacant and slithering eyes, cold and clammy skin, eats baby piglets whole. I didn't personally witness that last one, but I'm certain it happens. POOR BABY PIGS. Here's what I learned. … Continue reading Baby You Can Drive My Car