Took the Kids to a Horse Park

Took the kids to a horse park. It's my happy place of a horse park, and I didn't know a horse park could be among my happy places. Having kids makes you have strange happy places. Former happy places become inaccessible, impossible to reach. They become sealed off tombs to be one day discovered by … Continue reading Took the Kids to a Horse Park

List: What Comes With the Wendy’s $5 Biggie Bag?

Burger, fries, nuggets, feral cat Diet soda because you're watching your figure, and there's like eight thousand calories in a cat. You figure a pound of bone, six pounds of hanging weight, at around 1329 kcal per lb Just kidding, keeping the cat as a pet, his name is Mr. Snugglemuffins The echoing voices of … Continue reading List: What Comes With the Wendy’s $5 Biggie Bag?

Thrift Store Monday #005: A Fine Specimen

This week, I cleared space on my deck. I took measurements for my hot tub. Not because I'm remotely anywhere close to buying it. It was a desperately sad little act I wanted to participate in, otherwise known as "dreaming." I spent the better part of a day researching what would fit and what wouldn't … Continue reading Thrift Store Monday #005: A Fine Specimen

Thrift Store Monday #004: The Dregs

I sold a couple small items throughout the week and now have fifty dollars in my account. Positivity. Hard work. Hustle. I could be a goddamn motivational speaker. The dog had a $268 vet bill. She's been having accidents in the house. She's either anxious from not having a fenced-in yard at our new home, … Continue reading Thrift Store Monday #004: The Dregs

The Kubler-Ross Stages of Moving

Stage 1: Denial It's not going to be that bad. I'll just put it all in boxes, tape them shut, and move them in a neat fashion. It will be clean and pure, like sipping on Holy Water or watching an episode of Full House. I will keep everything orderly by marking the moving boxes … Continue reading The Kubler-Ross Stages of Moving