Thrift Store Monday #005: A Fine Specimen

This week, I cleared space on my deck. I took measurements for my hot tub. Not because I'm remotely anywhere close to buying it. It was a desperately sad little act I wanted to participate in, otherwise known as "dreaming." I spent the better part of a day researching what would fit and what wouldn't … Continue reading Thrift Store Monday #005: A Fine Specimen

Thrift Store Monday #004: The Dregs

I sold a couple small items throughout the week and now have fifty dollars in my account. Positivity. Hard work. Hustle. I could be a goddamn motivational speaker. The dog had a $268 vet bill. She's been having accidents in the house. She's either anxious from not having a fenced-in yard at our new home, … Continue reading Thrift Store Monday #004: The Dregs

The Kubler-Ross Stages of Moving

Stage 1: Denial It's not going to be that bad. I'll just put it all in boxes, tape them shut, and move them in a neat fashion. It will be clean and pure, like sipping on Holy Water or watching an episode of Full House. I will keep everything orderly by marking the moving boxes … Continue reading The Kubler-Ross Stages of Moving

Thrift Store Monday #003

It's Thrift Store Monday ya'll, the series where I get rich off the thrift store. Backstory: we've moved into our new house, and there's a space on the deck for the hot tub I've always dreamed of having. Except we're not loaded. So in conjuction with "Thrift Store Monday," I've decided I'm going to "Hustle … Continue reading Thrift Store Monday #003

Home, Once We Were

I'm back. I always come back. We spent the last month buying a new, larger home, and moving. Hooray. That will be the only excitement you'll get from me. I revisited the writing I did when we bought our prior house, a decade ago, as first-time homeowners. I was young, excited, and chipper as fuck … Continue reading Home, Once We Were