The Greatest Little Dinosaur Show on Earth

I bought tickets for something called a "Dinosaur Drive-Thru" that had been circulating on Facebook. It was only ten bucks. We needed to leave the house and do something. I really did not care what it was. I was really just excited to have something to do. A goal. A focus. An outing. Then I … Continue reading The Greatest Little Dinosaur Show on Earth

Griswolding My House

Welcome to the Surfing Pizza 2020 Christmas Countdown! I'm a writer working my way through the weirdest holiday season in my life, so join me every day with a cup of coffee. I'll have some words and thoughts for you. I declared 2020 the year I was going to Griswold my house. It really meant … Continue reading Griswolding My House

I Was Gonna Bitch About Nintendo Today

I was gonna bitch about Nintendo today. I'm relaunching my blog as a place for my geek, toy collecting, gaming, buying-weird-foods thoughts, and I was gonna start with some good old bitching. My target was going to be the biggest target, my best friend, my first love: Nintendo. But then this morning, my Nintendo account … Continue reading I Was Gonna Bitch About Nintendo Today

Where Am I?

Where am I? I am in my house in the middle of a raging pandemic. I am freaked out and stressed, but also completely fine. A few weeks ago, I bought an AeroGarden, an indoor hydroponic herb garden. Now it overflows with fresh herbs that have never known adversity -- not the slightest breeze or … Continue reading Where Am I?

The Petite Pink Bitchin Kitchen

Last night my wife and I built a kitchen playset for our daughter. I called it the Petite Pink Bitchin' Kitchen. It's a hearty thing made of pressed plywood and cancer warnings -- the kind of cancer you can only get in California. I think. It'll off-gas. With little pots and plastic burners, its the … Continue reading The Petite Pink Bitchin Kitchen