Another Failed Ninja Turtles Baking Attempt

Usually I take the time to build these posts up, but there can be no pretense this time. I have officially undertaken and failed yet another Ninja Turtles baking attempt. If you're new, you may want to re-visit previous Failed Ninja Turtle Baking Attempts (TM), such as that time I tried to re-create Ninja Turtle … Continue reading Another Failed Ninja Turtles Baking Attempt

A Holy Grail of Breakfast

The other day I went grocery shopping, which was a rare phenomenon in itself. I don't have an attention deficit disorder, unless it's possible to have the ADD flair up only in certain settings. In which case, you'll find me unable to focus on a damn thing over in aisle four, riding the grocery cart … Continue reading A Holy Grail of Breakfast

Freeze Pops, Reviewed. 2012.

Two years ago, I wrote a very special post. It was so special, it was the equivalent of an after-school special bottled up in Internet blog form with Linda Ellerbee and McGruff the Crime Dog as co-hosts. Two years ago, you see, I had decided to review freeze pops. Like, ALL of the freeze pops. … Continue reading Freeze Pops, Reviewed. 2012.

The Day You Found Out Kite Brownies Exist

Today is the day your life changed profoundly because today is the day you found out Kite Brownies exist. Kite Brownies are quite possibly the most exciting innovation in snack cake production in the last twenty-five years. Even the cashier at the grocery store took pause at the box of Kite Brownies travelling down the … Continue reading The Day You Found Out Kite Brownies Exist

Thanksgiving, Third Grade Lunch Style

Here we are, a few days before Thanksgiving, a holiday we have apparently forgotten exists in our death march toward Christmas. I remember when we used to make fun of the people and stores that put their Christmas stuff up before Thanksgiving. Now we barely shudder when it's up during back to school. But I … Continue reading Thanksgiving, Third Grade Lunch Style