Domino Rally. A Reckoning.

Of all the toy disappointments in my 1980s childhood, perhaps nothing still haunts me as much as Domino Rally. It began like it always did---an awesome commercial that made the toy look ridiculously, mind-blowingly fun. I promptly penned it in at the top of my Christmas list. And it's not like I took my Christmas … Continue reading Domino Rally. A Reckoning.

Yard Sale Finds

Here's the stuff I found this weekend during my yard sale/flea market/thrift store run: School Folders Scored these for a quarter each. I'm only a little embarrassed that I will buy anything with the Ninja Turtles on it. Anything. Like random twenty year old school folders. And since the Bart Simpson one was right there … Continue reading Yard Sale Finds

Fuzzy Arcade Math

I'm always chasing this idea of the perfect day. To have one perfect day in life, a day that could be lived over and over. This day wouldn't be one where something big and momentous happened. In other words, your wedding day is not going to be the perfect day. It's going to be great, … Continue reading Fuzzy Arcade Math

It’s All Connected

The other day I went to the doctor and found out I have a leaky heart valve. Don't worry Mom, it's not going to kill me. It's a benign condition. The worst thing that happens after being diagnosed with a leaky heart valve is the freaking out that you have a leaky heart valve. You … Continue reading It’s All Connected

Living in the Analog World

The great rock critic Lester Bangs once dreamed about having a basement with every album ever recorded in it. The thing is, Bangs' basement now exists on the Internet. Nothing is rare and nothing is unknown. The digital world grows by the nanoseconds and milliseconds are obsolete. When I was a kid I used to … Continue reading Living in the Analog World