Halloween Countdown: Zombie Food!

Here's a strange and random candy bar I found at the Michael's craft store, of all places. It's worth mentioning that Michael's often has an interesting selection of toys and candy. In the past they've also had the occasional good Halloween decorations, but this year it was all middle-aged suburb mom stuff, no offense to … Continue reading Halloween Countdown: Zombie Food!

Halloween Countdown: Halloween Mood Table!

In an October tradition, every year I take over a table in the house and claim it as the "Halloween Mood Table." It's kind of like a Halloween version of a Christmas tree, if said tree was a table. The ornaments are anything and everything that's related to Halloween. Candy, cardboard cut-outs, random scary movie … Continue reading Halloween Countdown: Halloween Mood Table!

Halloween Countdown: Odds and Ends

This post is going to be all over the place -- from crack-laced bread to finding out whether I've won tickets to the 1994 Super Bowl, in which case I'll be needing a time machine. But let's start with that crack-laced bread, the Swirl breads baked by Pepperidge Farms. At one point in time, the … Continue reading Halloween Countdown: Odds and Ends

Halloween Countdown: Trick or Treat Fruit Snacks and Pop Tarts

Remember when fun-sized candy bars, Tootsie Rolls and Smarties dominated at Halloween? It used to be that the only oddity you might find in your trick-or-treat sack was the weird bag of pretzels. These days the trick-or-treating selection has really diversified, with everything from miniature buckets of Play-Doh to crayons to the two things I'm … Continue reading Halloween Countdown: Trick or Treat Fruit Snacks and Pop Tarts

Halloween Countdown: Bat Brownies!

In the past, Little Debbie has always shown up at Halloween with brown-and-orange-sprinkled Zebra Cakes or Pumpkin Delights, but this year Little Debbie is showing up in a BIG WAY: BAT-SHAPED BROWNIES. Bat Brownies are a welcome addition to the Halloween season. I'm surprised they've never thought of them before now because there's something about … Continue reading Halloween Countdown: Bat Brownies!