Halloween Countdown: Cowboy Cat

Over the weekend, I've been trying to remember an interesting Halloween story from childhood, but I'm pretty sure I've already exhausted them over the five-year course of the blog. Well, except for this one memory, which is very vivid, and yet I've never had any place to put it. And to be honest, it's more … Continue reading Halloween Countdown: Cowboy Cat

Halloween Countdown: Special Hurricane Edition!

The Halloween Countdown got a bit derailed from the hurricane. Pictured above is my super-scientific "hurricane barometer." I figured that the fake cobweb would tell the story of how bad the wind was getting. The thing about that cobweb is it sticks to everything. So I knew if the cob completely blew down at any … Continue reading Halloween Countdown: Special Hurricane Edition!

Halloween Countdown: One Pumpkin to Rule Them All

This year I've seen a proliferation of pumpkin-shaped chocolates. Of course there are the infamous Reese's pumpkins, and since we all know and love the Reese's so well, I thought I'd take a look at the others to compare. These are the Snickers and the Butterfingers versions. I had also bought the Reese's version to … Continue reading Halloween Countdown: One Pumpkin to Rule Them All

Halloween Countdown: Halloween Cotton Candy!

Halloween candy-makers, take note. This is how you do it. Vampire Hair and Werewolf Fur are two flavors of cotton candy packaged for Halloween. They could have stopped there, but they took it further by infusing it with Pop Rocks. Thank God "crackling cotton candy" is now a thing. If you thought Pop Rocks and … Continue reading Halloween Countdown: Halloween Cotton Candy!

Halloween Countdown: Pooping Skeleton!

It's tasteless. It's WTF. It's mine. All mine. I found this completely bizarre door cover at Five Below, which is quite possibly the greatest store ever, even if I'm always dropping way more than five dollars in there. But this only cost a dollar when other stores charge three to five bucks for crappy plastic … Continue reading Halloween Countdown: Pooping Skeleton!