Home, Once We Were

I’m back. I always come back. We spent the last month buying a new, larger home, and moving. Hooray. That will be the only excitement you’ll get from me. I revisited the writing I did when we bought our prior house, a decade ago, as first-time homeowners. I was young, excited, and chipper as fuck … More Home, Once We Were

Taco Bell Synergy

There’s something about Taco Bell. It’s in the walls of the place. I’ve never felt the sort of aloneness I feel when I’m eating alone at a Taco Bell. It’s in the food. It’s in this drug food, this comfort food, this haunted food. Taco Bell is a feeling. It’s a collective feeling we’re all … More Taco Bell Synergy

Thrift Store Monday, Issue 002: This Ain’t It, Chief

This week, my “thrift” adventure takes place in an antique mall. It’s the kind of place you find sterling, china, and Victorian pieces — next to a secured-like-Fort-Knox showcase of old-ass video games. Look for beautiful and distinctive mint-green jadeite dishes, dating back to the 1930s, popular after World War II — and Adventures of … More Thrift Store Monday, Issue 002: This Ain’t It, Chief