Drawlloween #3: Tombsday


Here’s mine. The Kool Aid Man’s grave. Sorry, not sorry.  This is what I thought of yesterday while my kid continuously offered me wet Cheerios from the backseat. I thought of murdering the Kool Aid Man.

For several minutes I debated as to whether his face was something etched into the pitcher, or whether it was a shape-shifting part of his liquid. If it was part of his pitcher, I contemplated drawing his dead eyes staring into the beyond. If it was part of the liquid, then his face gets poured out and dies with him. I ultimately went with that.

I’m so uplifting today. Sorry, not sorry.

Here’s the wife’s:


She enjoyed the play on the word, “doomsday.”





One response to “Drawlloween #3: Tombsday

  1. I think your drawing wins today, I found it funny.

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