Drawlloween #2: Summon Day


Artist’s vision: I think of my sense of humor used to be cutting edge and dry, but this hinges on D-list cartoonist in a local newspaper in the 1980s. That’s fine. I can’t draw anything realistically scary, so I’ve got 29 more days of wack puns, Dad humor, and absolutely zero regard for spacing, perspective, or straight lines.

Meanwhile, the wife continues to draw like she’s shooting for that A- in eighth grade art class.


Hers is a take on 12 Angry Men.

I already have a good idea for tonight’s drawing. Planning what I’m going to draw is quickly becoming my favorite activity while I drive, as my kid in the backseat cheerily asks me over and over if I want to take wet Cheerios out of his hand.

Nope. Nope. Answer is still nope, Bud. I’ve driving, I can’t take my hands off the wheel to take wet Cheerios. Just throw it on the floor if you don’t want it.

Even though this is my brand new Toyota RAV4 that I haven’t even made the third payment on yet, just go ahead and smash Cheerios into the carpet — that’s how much I really don’t want wet Cheerios wiped on my hand at your evil mercurial whims.

Drawlloween is becoming my safe space.


4 responses to “Drawlloween #2: Summon Day

  1. I like both concepts here. What is the dog summoning?

  2. I’m glad your back even if it’s temporary. This is a great way to return.

  3. Can I see your wife’s drawings too?

  4. This is excellent. Welcome back.

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