Drawlloween 2017!


So if you don’t have kids, you’re probably at least thought about The Surfing Pizza in passing at least once, and wondered whatever happened to me. And if you have kids, say for example, a three year old boy and an infant, then YOU KNOW what happened to me without asking.

I have no free time except for one or two hours at the end of the day, in which I try to cram every one of my hobbies and interests, along with personal self-identity and sense of well-being. Bye blogging. I’ll just be over here with a nice beer settling into this Golf RPG on the Nintendo Switch. Or maybe I’m reading Stephen King for the first time. Oh hey, this guy is pretty good. Ah, perhaps the wife and I are watching Game of Thrones. We watched the entire series in the last year. I got that classic mini-SNES on the way, too.

But for October, I decided I wanted to take that one hour and draw pictures. It just sounded relaxing. For those of you who don’t know, Drawlloween is this social media thing where you draw a different themed Halloween picture each evening.  I can’t actually draw, but who cares.

I asked the wife if she wanted join me in my terrible drawing Halloween quest, and her reply was “nah, I can’t draw, you are so much better than me, you have this style that is kind of like its own thing.” Which is incorrect, she was just being nice because she loves me, but it sort of bolstered me anyway.

Then I was thinking, hey, I could post my pictures on the blog and tell people how my day is going. Like, everyday, with a cup of coffee. I could have coffee, they could have coffee. I could pretend I was talking to other adult human beings, and hey, maybe I am! Doesn’t that sound relaxing?

So let’s do it. 31 days of bad drawings and conversation.

Also, last minute, the wife decided to join me in drawing, so I’ll be posting hers as well.

Drawlloween #1, Return From the Dead.

Here’s mine:


Here’s my artistic vision. One time I had an employee at Target Customer Service with that exact face. No lie. The Ghost is returning SHEETS! GET IT??? (Insert wife’s blank look before she plainly says “yeah.”) Also, I hate Crock-Pots. I hate slow-cooked food. I can’t stand the idea of some nasty boiled down crap sitting around all day on the counter. That zombie? Is actually me. (And zombies don’t like boiled down slow cooked brains, either.)

Next, the wife. Who acted like she can’t draw as some sort of ploy.


Hers is an alternate LP cover for the Angels’ My Boyfriend’s Back.  I say she outclassed me in vision and execution.

See you tomorrow!


3 responses to “Drawlloween 2017!

  1. This is a fun challenge! Both of your drawings are way better than anything I’d be able to create. Can’t wait to follow along!

  2. I love your pictures. They made me laugh on what has been a rather gloomy day. I am also with on the crock pot thing. Give me my pressure cooker any day

  3. I was SO excited to see this post in my inbox!! Definitely looking forward to more!! Good luck!

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