Win This Glow in the Dark Ghostbusters Shirt



TV Store Online is giving away Ghostbusters swag to promote the new movie, and I’d like to give away this rad glow-in-the-dark shirt or the girl version if you prefer (which does not glow in the dark, my apologies) to one of you. In order to win, all you have to do is comment. So there you have it — leave a comment, win your choice of shirt. I will pick a winner randomly on Monday at 3pm and email you with the best news of your life.

THE COMMENT TOPIC IS one of the following …. please choose wisely.

  • Kombucha. What is this, does anyone know?
  •  Chuck E Cheese pizza. Am I wrong for thinking it’s amazing?
  • Squeeze yogurts – unnatural aberrations or brilliant?
  • What’s the damn difference between llamas and alpacas?
  • Have you ever eaten a rutabaga?
  • Ladybugs are kind of creepy aren’t they
  • People who swim in their contacts like I do, do you worry about getting weird eye diseases, and how do you deal with waterslides
  • Those big oversized lollypops in gift shops. Has anyone ever finished one?
  • Would your dog shiv you in prison over a chew bone or is mine just an asshole
  • Nacho cheese is a little underrated, isn’t it. Why doesn’t it come on more things outside of carnivals and ballgames?



21 responses to “Win This Glow in the Dark Ghostbusters Shirt

  1. Yes, my dog absolutely would gut me from navel to nose over that friggin’ chew bone. What’s worse is that once he’s been chewing on it for a while it could totally be used as a shiv. And does your dog always leave said chew bone pointiest side up in a spot that you are most likely to be walking on barefoot in the dark?

  2. Squeeze yogurt is brilliant, but needs to be bigger. Just not enough in one…

  3. Alpacas are small and have hair that you can actually make stuff out of, llamas are just fluffy angry camels.
    Okay, actually the alpaca is a domestic vicuña and the llama is a domestic guanaco, which are similar but different in kind of the way a whitetail and an elk are except possibly less. I think alpacas are usually raised for fiber (wool), llamas are bigger and less fancy-looking so they get to be pack animals and livestock guardians and stuff.
    More interesting is that the various meanings of “llama” (including “flame” and “he/she calls”) led to a series of old Argentinian TV ads wherein llama puppets make prank calls in Spanish, including one to a fire department. It’s called “La llama que llama” and it’s kind of amazing even when you can’t understand half of what they’re saying.

  4. The big lollypops? Let’s discuss that.
    Picture this, circa 1995: little girl with two little braids running down her back, some sort of floral jumper dress, white eyelet sock clad toes squished into those hot pink jelly sandals that were all the rage with kids that were fashionable AND blisterific. Little girl just going to town on rainbow colored lollypop that was bigger than her head. She is taking an audio test to pacify the teacher who thinks that she is just a little hellion who refuses to listen to instructions. While she IS a hellion (no one can deny that) she isn’t just blatantly ignoring said teacher, no of course not, she actually is deaf in her right ear. Teacher finds out, feels like an ass and little girl enjoys the fantastic unicorn rainbow lollypop without a care in the world.
    True story. So now, once a year I will go to the Candy Maker Candy store and pick up one of those suckers for old times sake.

  5. I won your last t-shirt giveaway so I’m probably not qualified to win, but I’m at work so I decided to answer them all.

    Kombucha. What is this, does anyone know? – Fermented tea. Definitely a unique flavor, but I like it
    Chuck E Cheese pizza. Am I wrong for thinking it’s amazing? – no, it is amazing
    Squeeze yogurts – unnatural aberrations or brilliant? – I think they’re gross but I can see it being handy for parents
    What’s the damn difference between llamas and alpacas? – Llamas go to the dentist on Sesame Street, alpacas make nice socks. Also, llamas may or may not be Emperor Kuzco
    Have you ever eaten a rutabaga? – yes, it’s similar to a turnip
    Ladybugs are kind of creepy aren’t they – yes, I’ve been bit by one
    People who swim in their contacts like I do, do you worry about getting weird eye diseases, and how do you deal with waterslides – I don’t worry about stuff like that and I just close my eyes when I’m about to land in the water. I’ve lost a lot of contacts swimming but (so far) never on a waterslide
    Those big oversized lollypops in gift shops. Has anyone ever finished one? – I think Kramer did in the backwards episode of Seinfeld?
    Would your dog shiv you in prison over a chew bone or is mine just an asshole – I think your dog might be an asshole.
    Nacho cheese is a little underrated, isn’t it. Why doesn’t it come on more things outside of carnivals and ballgames? – Totally. Luckily I’ve been seeing it served with pretzels at breweries more lately.

  6. Ladybugs are creepy. They always appear in the house and choose to hang out in the bathrooms. There are so many other rooms to choose from. Creeps.

  7. “Chuck E Cheese pizza. Am I wrong for thinking it’s amazing?”

    If you think mediocre, overpriced pizza is amazing then, no. You are not wrong :)

  8. I used to swim with my contacts, but I was more worried about losing them than any eye disease. Dude, you should look into Orthokeratology (Ortho-K). It’s these contacts that you wear while you sleep. They shape your eye like a retainer. Then, during the day, you don’t need to wear contacts or glasses. The effect is temporary (lasts a couple of days), so you can always go back, to wearing your regular contacts or glasses. I got some about 6 months ago and I’m mostly liking it. My eye doctor had some issues getting my night vision corrected. No, not night vision like Navy SEALS, just seeing halos and crap while driving at night.

    • WTF, I have never ever heard of that. I just upgraded to the daily disposables which was life changing (if not a little wasteful and expensive) but at least I don’t have fatigue anymore in them. I’m gonna research that although I’m sure my eyes are so garbage that it wouldn’t work for me. (My prescription is coke-bottle magnification x100)

  9. Kombucha is excellent, but somewhat of an acquired taste. Very healthy for your immune system and considered to a “mythical” remedy. First time I saw it on the shelves I had been at the flea markets searching for Turtle toys and thought it said “Kowabunga”. The turtles are infectious when you hunt for them. Either way, good stuff and good for you.

  10. Chuckie cheese pizza…. Let’s just say that pizza where I am from is a loosely used term to describe anything that resembles round cardboard with red liquid and “cheese”… Think the rest of Illinios that isn’t Chicago. It’s so bad here they cut their pizza into small squares… I live in hell. Chuckie, the evil mouse that he is knows this… He knows garlic butter is heaven and that putting it on the crust, inducing Pavlovovian level secretions, is genius. He knows that highly processed crunchy salty gooey “pizza” will fill that void we have deep within ourselves that only hangover food will solve… Which brings me to my next point…whoever said, let’s get the parents drunk while their kids scream and spend their money to get cheep as shit needs to be given a medal. Well done… Well done…

  11. Nacho cheese should be available on many more things. It’s not widely available but it’s so delicious!

  12. I never thought ladybugs were creepy until I had a black one with red spots land on my hand and bite me. I’ve never had a ladybug bite me before. Maybe it wasn’t a real ladybug since it was opposite colors, but still, it kind of soured me to the whole species.

  13. My ten-year-old has gone through a few phases — the “pony” phase and the “princess” phase — but for about a year she went through the “ladybug” phase. This culminated one year in a ladybug-themed birthday party. This included a ladybug-shaped birthday cake and a round of “pin the antennae on the ladybug,” but the highlight was the dissemination (and release) of real ladybugs.

    I didn’t know this prior to the party, but you can buy ladybugs. Lots and lots of ladybugs, and they’re really cheap. At our local nursery you can get 750 for $5 I think; for $20, you can get the “El Grande” package with 5,000 ladybugs. The ladybugs are frozen in some sort of state of cryogenic stasis, but when you pour them out, they thaw out, wake up, and fly around.

    At least that’s what they tell you at the nursery. What they fail to mention is that a good portion of them — 50%, maybe — don’t survive the process. There’s nothing little girls enjoy more than the pleasing sound (“plop”) a big pile of dead ladybugs make when you dump them out in front of them onto a picnic table. And yeah, some of them wake up, flap their little polka-dotted wings, and fly away — but the rest of them… “plop.” When they say “you must clean up after yourself at the birthday pavilion in the park,” I’m sure this isn’t what they had in mind.

    Finishing off the leftover ladybug cake while staring at a big pile of dead bugs? Yeah… they’re creepy, all right.

    • lol! This comment needs to expanded into a short story and published in a small literary magazine where it will quietly gain buzz until it comes a famous New Yorker piece. Just saying.

  14. Just wanted to comment because I just saw Brian Wilson in concert at Pitchfork Music Fest in Chicago and I know you’re a big fan. John and Joan Cusack joined him on stage and it was awesome.

  15. Rutabaga- a large type of turnip with a higher than average sugar content. They tend to be waxed in stores and therefore are also called, wax turnips. Another fun name for the Rutabaga is a the sweede. I like to do a mash of rutabagas and potatoes with lots and lots of butter.

  16. I’m a bit sad I missed this but in case I haven’t here are my two cents for what it’s worth!
    Hi, I’m Brenda and I love nacho-cheese. Nutella is my second favorite N word. But today I want to talk about cheese. Not any cheese, nacho cheese. You know the kind that makes your lick your fingers and dreaming of it at night. Same cheese that makes you want to ugly cry when you go on a diet but hate to love it.

  17. Oversized Lollypops – the question isn’t has anybody ever finished one. The question is has anybody ever bought one? Think about it? You see them all the time in candy stores and yet never see anybody eating one unless you’re watching a 1930’s movie. This leads me to think that all of these lollypops are around 80 years old. So, should I eat one? Perhaps it would be delicious and aged with time like a fine wine or perhaps it would kill me instantly. Worth the risk, perhaps?

  18. When I was a child I had birthdays at Chuck E Cheese because of the fun games and I loved the pizza. And then a dark day came, one day Chuck E Cheese was gone; replaced with a “Showbiz Pizza” whatever that is. It was a dark period of time much like the medieval ages. And then the renaissance happened. Chuck E Cheese returned. Champagne fell from the heavens and being a pre-teen I had no interest in that but what I did have an interest in was that pizza. Now that I am an adult and in control I make sure to take the kids there so “they” can enjoy that awesome pzza that was stolen from a huge portion of my childhood.

  19. Am I too late to enter the contest? Hopefully not lol

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