My Kid’s First Burger King Crown


He rocked it. Three days later he’s still rocking it. He tried to wear it during his bath tonight. The wife told him no because he’d get it wet, but I have no idea why she was acting like a beat-up paper hat was something we needed to protect and keep safe from bathwater. Maybe we’re supposed to fold it like some ornamental Origami and put it in his baby book, next to his first Ronald McDonald bib and Taco Bell napkin. Maybe the wife saw some idea on Pinterest. Maybe we’re going to make a candy bowl out of it for his second birthday. I would have just let him wear it in the bathtub. I’m all for 2% less toddler meltdowns in the day. He can pretty much take anything in the tub except maybe a plugged in toaster. Unplugged and I may consider it. By the way, his first BK meal was chicken fries and applesauce. I assure you we fed him fresh kale salad for a week after to make up for it. Toddlers love kale.

3 thoughts on “My Kid’s First Burger King Crown

  1. Seems like a right of passage! And I agree with you on letting him wear it in the bath. It probably would make it easier for him to throw it away if it got ruined. On the other hand, you may have gotten stuck with a weird soggy crown for another week.

  2. Haha I love your blog, man. I discovered it on accident a while back, loved the toys and baking stuff. Now I have brand new baby girl… and you still nail it. I relate to most if not all you write about! Except not eating meat…. that’s just criminal. Keep it up Pizza, I’m reading!

  3. We had to make an emergency trip to Burger King to get a new crown when his first one broke. First of many such trips I’m sure. I now know the price of every size french fry by memory.

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