Countdown: Treasures from the Toy Show Part 2


I really really really wanted to post today about the McDonald’s Holiday Pie. WHAT IS IT? I mean, yeah, duh, it’s a pie. But really when you think about it WHAT IS IT? DO YOU EVEN REALLY KNOW?

I was going to find out. But my local McDonald’s didn’t have it yet, so I’ll have to wait to solve that mystery another day. Onward with the toy treasures.

First up, I nabbed this big Leonardo action figure from the classic, critically-acclaimed, much-heralded film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3. The toy line for this movie was so popular and so frenzied, that there was Black Friday hysteria and bloodletting at the time. Retail toy store veterans trade war stories about the days of Tickle Me Elmo, Super Nintendo, and Samirai Leonardo 14″ figure.  In fact, this figure goes for $750 on ebay.  Everything I’ve written is true. This is an amazing treasure I’ve found. You’ll never convince me of anything otherwise.

Next treasure rules just as hard:


Yo, Toxic Crusaders Colorforms, sealed. I bought this mainly because I love the colors. NEON GREEN NEON YELLOW NEON ORANGE. It’s so beautiful. I’m pretty sure I’ll crack this open one day to play with my son. But for now it stays minty mint in the box like a beauty queen. (I have no idea if that sentence makes sense, but it was ringing in my head like a line of a poem, so hell yes, I did just compare Toxic Crusaders Colorforms to a beauty queen.)

Finally, the new crown jewel of my collection:


It’s a Madball Super ball! Or a Madball Football! Once upon a time, they tried to extend the Madballs line into larger sizes. Only two were ever released: this football, as well as a nasty-looking soccer ball. I had the soccer ball as a kid, so the nostalgia factor was strong with this one. I’ve wanted one of these for years, though never really felt like plunking down $40 on ebay for one. Coming across it in person was once of those collector’s daydreams, and for only twenty bucks to boot.

Dreams do come true! At least, dreams about Madballs do…



3 responses to “Countdown: Treasures from the Toy Show Part 2

  1. Hello : ) I have nominated your blog for The Epic Awesomeness Award. Details follow:

  2. Hey Hey! There were actually 3 Super Madballs – There was another one a Basketball called “Foul Shot” – I’ll be here waiting for you to google it and discover the awesomeness of it.

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