Countdown: SCIENCE Part 2


Hope you all are having a great Thanksgiving. Turkey, green bean casserole, yadda, yadda, SCIENCE. Let’s dive right into the soul crushing disappointment.

Here is my science lab table of tools for the first one: Dagobah Swamp Slime:


The “collectible” cards come with real life facts about the environment — for example, for the Hoth kit, the card talks about earth’s North Pole and ice. In other words, they’re really stretching it here to make these things educational. And in fact, as I would come to find out it would be the only educational component.

What is in the two packets that you mix together to make swamp slime? I’ll never know. It was the same exact green goo in each packet. I’m not even sure why I had to mix them together.


They should have saved me a step and just punched me in the stomach, I guess.

I still held out high hopes for the possibly-Chinese-takeout-duck sauce:


Indeed, I was not let down:


I’m not sure what sorcery this is, but I like it.

Finally, the Hoth Snow. Now, it said to measure four teaspoons of water. I’m not really into measuring, so I just went ahead and filled the little plastic container with water. I wondered if it might come back to haunt me…


Too much water, no room for the powder to be mixed in. I was thinking I might discover the fix for global warming. If I do, the answer lies in this one, somewhere.


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