Countdown: Star Wars SCIENCE


While perusing the tricked-out Star Wars aisle at Toys R Us, I came across these science kits. The packages were a bit weathered and dated as 2014, so I got that warm and fuzzy feeling that they were some long-lost warehouse overstock that got sent out to stores ahead of the Star Wars rush. Man, I love that warm and fuzzy feeling. It’s like finding a hidden gem — and hidden gems these are.

They’re called “mini labs” — in which you conjure up:

Mustafar Lava,


Dagobah Swamp Slime,


and good old Hoth Snow.


I can’t even tell you how much I love these.

No, wait. I can. Here is A Complete List of Everything I Love About These

  2. Whenever the words swamp slime are uttered, I’m like, two feet away
  3. Try it, say those words and look out your window; I’m behind the bush
  4. Making lava? Only if it burns my fingers off, which it won’t, so this will be slightly disappointing, in a good way
  5. Capitalizing the word SCIENCE it makes me feel smart
  6. Mini-panoramas all museum-like
  7. Psuedo-science projects that don’t involve anything more than mixing packets with water, which is about the highest level of SCIENCE that I can do
  8. Packets! Need I say more.
  9. Yes I should say more: MYSTERY POWDER
  10. Comes with packets, “panorama display case,” STIR STICK, and “collector card” – dang they really loaded these kits up
  11. Worthy of its own bullet point: STIR STICK
  12. Which makes me crave a Handisnacks
  13. What is that red stick called anyhow?
  14. Useless panoramas to inevitably sit on my desk forever until they get gross and yet I will still resist throwing them out
  15. Hoarding?
  16. Hoarding.
  17. Collectible cards that are collectible to no one and yet I keep them; also see bullet point above this one
  18. Re: Handisnacks – spread stick! Do you think the red stick is called a spread stick?
  19. The lava kit comes with a packet that looks exactly like the duck sauce in Chinese takeout. Yes, I’m shivering with anticipation at this revelation
  20. Downside: there’s no poison control warning, which means I’m not working with DANGEROUS CHEMICALS
  21. Upside: I have one year old, sooooo…
  22. I spent $21 on this crap
  23. That’s either a bargain or the lowest point of my life
  24. Very very possible I may just discover fix for global warming with this stuff you guys
  25. Nobel Peace Prize people: call me.

So, you want to see SCIENCE in action? Tune in tomorrow evening, when I will post the results of these panoramas on a Very Special Thanksgiving Post of The Surfing Pizza.


2 responses to “Countdown: Star Wars SCIENCE

  1. Way to leave us hanging, Pizza! I for one will be itching in anticipation to see what the results are like.

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