Countdown? Why Yes.


I’ve been entertaining the idea of doing a countdown on the blog. I am supremely obscenely excited for Christmas this year, and I’ve been thinking of counting down the days and posting everyday. Then last night I had a dream that I’d decided to do a Star Wars or Christmas Countdown. Since I’m also supremely obscenely excited for the new movie, it seemed like divine intervention.

So each day I will post something about Christmas or Star Wars. Or both. I will be ordering weird chocolates from Swiss Colony and raiding Dollar Trees for the crappiest Star Wars merchandise humanly possible. I will be baking cakes and blowing up my kitchen while wearing a Stormtrooper mask. I do not have a Stormtrooper mask. I will be purchasing one. I will be making more awful MS-Paint headers. I will document every single facet of the Event that is CHRISTMAS 2015. I will be drinking egg nog out of R2-D2 shaped mugs. I will be celebrating until I sweat funfetti. And then I will promptly rush to the ER if that actually happens.

I will probably end up hating both Christmas and Star Wars by the time this countdown is over, overindulged and full by both, like when you eat too much FOOOOOOOOOOOD — and yet by having too much, that is the only way you know you enjoyed it.

Before I start, I should admit my track record on Star Wars is bad. Like I would get a D- for my fandom bad. I’ve only seen the original trilogy once, as in VHS-copy-recorded-off-the-TV once. In some ways, that’s the purest, rightest way to do it.

To right this wrong, I’ve started re-watching the new Blu-rays, and after binge-watching and loving the prequels, I fell asleep during the trash compactor sequence of A New Hope.

Yes, I love the prequels, and fell asleep during A New Hope. I am a terrible human being.

I’m trying to do right by my son though.


So to kick off the countdown, I present this box of Trix with the rabbit dressed as Leia:


I salute this jarringly odd gender-bending depiction. I also commend ACTUAL PRIZES in the cereal box. Inside every box is a droid viewer. Even the words “droid viewer” sound like they’re dipped in the 1980s. Tasty. I am now the proud owner of a near-complete set of droid viewers, as well as a six-month supply of Mini Trix, Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Reese Cereal. (Anyone out there want to trade me an R2-D2?)


4 responses to “Countdown? Why Yes.

  1. I am so excited for this countdown and might even play along at home. I also need to track down some of these droid viewers asap as I love cereal toys (and fast food toys) so so much. At my desk right now I have a C3PO and a Princess Leia viewfinder from Burger King. Not sure when I got them but shit like that is just so fun. Guess I’m running to the grocery store after work to start my new collection!

  2. I’ll keep that in mind! My Ralphs didn’t have any so I’ll try target next.

  3. You’re so lucky you have access to Trix. None to be found up here in the Great White North…

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