Happy 7th Birthday Surfing Pizza. Help Me Bake a Cake, Yo.


It’s my seventh year writing the Surfing Pizza. I used to bake weird cakes to commemorate my blog’s birthday, but I haven’t in the last year or two because baby.

But I wanted to bring the tradition back this year, except I have no idea what to do. So I’m asking you. I need ideas. I need weird ideas. You guys know my level of competence in the kitchen (zero) and my level of artistic ingenuity (zero but tries very very hard.) Someone give me an idea for a cake and I will “artistically interpret” it and bake the results.

I will interpret and bake all the cakes commented. Not all at once though. Maybe like one or two a month.

We’ll call this series “Interpretive Baking.”

Edit: Whoa, wow, people still read my blog even after I disappear for weeks at time these days. Okay, so, I’ve got ten cakes lined up to make. I’m going to attempt to make them at a rate of 2 per months, which is like a five month backlog now. So feel free to comment, but I may not make your cake until next year.

Still, I’m feeling inspired. Here are the 10 cakes I’m going to “creatively interpret” over the next five months (or more, or less.)

(The wife is all like “WHO IS GOING TO EAT THESE CAKES” as she grimaces in pain or horror – I’m not sure which.)

1. Blog logo cake (Surfing Pizza, duh, it will rule.)
2. Pizza cake (made of Pizza or cake? We shall see?)
3. Tye dye cake (what could go wrong.) (everything.)
4. Zombie Barbie Dress cake (This will involve BLOOD or red food dye.)
5. “different chips” cake (this one scares me the most)
6. Boardwalk cake (might have collectible wood pieces embedded)
7. Yard Sale cake (god only knows)
8. Random recipe from a comic strip cake (dark horse)
9. Monster cake (might be made from real monster)
10. Dragons. (That’s it. Just dragons.)


25 responses to “Happy 7th Birthday Surfing Pizza. Help Me Bake a Cake, Yo.

  1. Have you already done a cake of the blog logo? (I can’t find a search box to search the blog.) You could do the blog logo accompanied by a little baby version of the blog logo.

  2. Pizza cake! Pepperoni required!

  3. What about a Charm City Cakes Tie Dye cake? Lots of separate bowls of dyed cake batter. What could go wrong?

  4. what about one of those barbie cakes where the cake is a dress but make it a zombie? I saw a similar hulk-princess cake but I think the zombie theme could be fun, especially with Halloween around the corner

  5. Dorito/different chips cake

  6. I started reading this site because of your Ocean City posts, and how similar they were to my times at Rehobeth beach DE. I think you should make a boardwalk cake, with all the things common to the boardwalk experience. Thrasher fries, Grotto pizza, Arcades, Tshirt shops, etc.

  7. I’d love to say “a yard sale cake” but since I have no idea what that would be like let’s make something cool and new and easy(?) and make a cake that’s a bowl and fill it up with ambrosia/fruit salad?

  8. I’ve never tried this but it certainly sounds worth making: http://tompeyer.tumblr.com/image/86969589236

  9. Monster Cake! You’ve got to make some kind of wild and funky monster cake to coincide with your Halloween celebrations!

  10. Ooh, I have a ton of ideas. Well, three, anyways.
    1. Golden Snitch. http://ashleemarie.com/harry-potter-snitch-cake-tutorial/
    2. Doctor Who TARDIS Cake
    3. Dragons.

    Feel free to pick any of these you’d like, or write me off as crazy and ignore this. (But dragons would be awesome.)

  11. You should totally do a Turtle Pie cake.
    Or a Shoney’s Bear cake. Me and my sister still joke about the Shoney’s Bear haha.
    Happy Birthday to the blog!

  12. Ninja cat cake made from skittles.

  13. Pac-Man cake! It’s a known face that Pac-Mans visage was inspired by a pizza missing a single slice. Well actually, that’s a half truth admitted the character design also came from simplifying and rounding out the Japanese character for mouth, kuchi, but still!

    So yeah, Pac-Man pizza, or a pizza based on that horrible Pixels movie!

  14. Happy blog birthday, Pizza. I’m glad you’re still blogging. Are you doing anything on the blog for October?

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