Great Now I’m Obsessed With Star Wars Card Trader


Twenty-four hours ago, I was normal. At least in the sense that I had never heard of something called “digital collecting,” and upon learning of it, I immediately and rightfully and condescendingly scoffed. THAT is not collecting. Collecting is stuff. Real stuff that fills the very real spaces in our house and the holes in our hearts. Collecting is not some stupid phone app that shows you pictures. That was twenty-four hours ago.

Then I learned about Star Wars Card Trader, an app by card-maker Topps, where you “collect” digital versions of trading cards. Still in scoff mode.

Then I read this article. How the Hell Is This JPG of Han Solo Worth $225?

Yes, like the link title says, someone paid $225 on eBay to have a particularly rare digital card show up in their app.

People actually pay real life money for these cards. Like in the cartoons, my eyeballs changed over to dollar signs. A fantastic get-rich-quick scheme revealed itself to me. I’d collect up these digital cards and sell them to losers on ebay.

I downloaded the app. That was twenty-four hours ago.

At first, my plan was going swimmingly. Each day the app gives you credits with which to exchange for card packs. You can also pay real money to get more credits. You collect base sets and chase inserts. My heart leapt when I got my first insert, and later again when I got a dupe insert. You can trade with others to get cards you don’t have.

By the end of the day, I had wheeled and dealed and traded, and I had two inserts worth a buck each on eBay. I learned it wasn’t going to be a get rich quick plan, but more of a long con.

Only problem is, I no longer wanted to sell them to losers. I had myself become a loser. I wanted them. No, I mean, like I WANTED THEM. And I want more.

I think of it more of a game than “collecting” — a game that involves aspects of collecting. It also has aspects of gamimg in that your collection gets a score, you have to strategically plan how to spend your credits if you want inserts, and you also have to be thoughtful in trades. Throw in the fact that these digital cards have real life monetary value, and you can see how this thing is like crack.

Download this game. I need friends on it. My username is SurfingPizza. And tell me your username so I can add you back! Don’t try explaining it to your significant other. Except that you will have to, because you’ll be begging them to open an account just so they can trade their allotted card packs each day to you. Or just go ahead and make an account for them on a spare phone if you aleady have their Facebook password. (Thanks, honey. Love you.)


11 responses to “Great Now I’m Obsessed With Star Wars Card Trader

  1. haha I think I might have to do this. These things somehow have a way of sucking me in. Although I’m proud to say that although I’ve been playing Simpsons Tapped Out for over 2 years, I have not actually spent any real money on it and my Springfield is still pretty impressive.

    • Ha, I thought of Simpsons Tapped Out as well. I played it a tiny bit and then showed my wife. She took it over and has a very nice looking Springfield and hopes to build up the monorail. She didn’t spend a dime of real monies!

  2. And so I connect with another addict! Except, I don’t collect baseball cards. I do, however, own a beautiful, albeit dusty, stamp collection. I wonder if there are any virtual stamp collections out there. I just may have to look into that. Thanks a heck of a lot, Surfing Pizza. Thanks a lot…

  3. Now this is the type of collection I can get behind. I don’t have to worry about storage or damage, and better yet, I don’t have to clean around it. I’ll have to play around with it for a bit, since I don’t have much else to do with my free time.

    Btw, my name on there is Stuntzombie. I already added you.

  4. I used to have hundreds of the originals–mom tossed ’em years ago, the hag.

  5. This might be more appealing to me if they later find a way to combine every collection onto one app. I like to collect Garbage Pail Kids cards, but I also mix in everything that is remotely related, like Trashcan Trolls and Mars Attacks!.

  6. read the io9 article, same happened for me. add me: jersonordavid

  7. I’ve downloaded it based on your recommendation — lupinebookclub

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  9. I got it based on your post but forgot to comment until now- Blurillaz

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