My Kid Turned One. I Got Trading Cards Made of Him.


My kid turned one a few days ago. As a gift to him, or really more to myself for surviving Year One, I got these trading cards made, modeled after the first series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle trading cards in the 1990s.

First things first, my friend and retro pop culture graphic designer Jon Hunt totally nailed these cards. He’s open to odd jobs, so if you want, you can contact him at

I cut the cards and displayed them in plastic card sheeting, alongside the TMNT cards in a 3-binder notebook, so it sort of just looks like my kid’s cards are part of the original run.

I wrote the captions. #Braggingrights. I know, “Cowabunga!” must have taken me HOURS to come up with. It really did. Don’t even judge.


12 responses to “My Kid Turned One. I Got Trading Cards Made of Him.

  1. Awesome…so cute. And happy birthday, Brian!

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  3. You are the coolest. And Happy Birthday to the Baby Ninja Turtle :)

  4. That is the most ridiculously adorable idea ever. Totally trumps the kid in the old, silver wash basin or holding a chalk board announcing he’s one. I love it.

  5. This is the coolest gift ever! Totally tubular!

    Happy birthday, mini-hero in a halfshell :)

  6. Soooo cute Happy Birthday little dude:)

  7. Love these! I made my oldest a book when she turned one. We were reading it the other day and my husband looks at my youngest (he’s two now), and says, “I guess you’re not going to get one.”

  8. Those cards are amazing. Parenting WIN.

  9. Very cool. Congrats to you and the wife on surviving the first year as parents. Happy birthday to Brian.

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