50 Days of Summer: Guest Post


Today I’m posting a very special kind of post. I’m posting a guest post. Except the guest doesn’t even know I’m posting it. But his or her comment deserves to be read by the entire world. Or all forty of you.

Approximately two decades ago on this blog, I was writing about a character from Jurassic Park: The Lost World. This character is named Eddie Carr. I know nothing about Eddie Carr. I know next to nothing about The Lost World. I’ve seen it twice and hated it twice.

Here are the things I know about The Lost World:

1. The family dog dies. Fuck this movie.

2.  There is a character named Eddie Carr in it. I only know this because I have an action figure of this character in my basement. I have two of them, actually.

One time, two or three decades ago, or maybe a million years ago, I wrote a blog post about my bemusement that Eddie Carr action figures exist. At the time I wrote dismissively, “in the film, Eddie Carr is the balding field equipment technician who is unceremoniously killed by a pack of raptors somewhere halfway through the movie. Kids will really want an action figure of this guy.”

Today, someone left this comment on that post. This is your guest post, insane, glorious, Internet-stranger:

“Unceremoniously killed by a pack of raptors”?!?

He died trying to save three people trapped in an RV hanging off a cliff.  He risked his life to get to them, his limbs to rig the winch, and he stayed in the drivers seat of that Mercedes SUV despite not one but TWO T-Rex’s baring down on him. He stayed at his post bravely mashing the gas pedal while in reverse trying to hold the RV from falling giving his friends the precious seconds they needed to secure themselves to the rope that EDDIE had thrown to them.

He also secured the little girl up in the high blind where she would be safe.
The man is a GOD DAMNED HERO. He saved both Vince Vaughn and Jeff Goldblum. His actions are directly responsible for saving the lives of four people.

Even as the T-Rex’s tore apart the vehicle around him he held his post and that gas pedal. He didn’t do that for himself, he did that to save his people because he was a beautiful, caring, selfless man.

I think he deserves a presidential commendation for his bravery and for sacrificing his life to save his comrades. It’s the only scene in a movie where I’ve openly wept for such a great characters death.”

Whoever you are, I would buy your book.

8 thoughts on “50 Days of Summer: Guest Post

  1. I’ve never seen so much passion for such a mediocre movie! Do you think that post was done by the actor who played that character? Or maybe one of his family members, or a crew member? Either way, it’s hard to hate on someone with such a zeal for Eddie Carr.

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