50 Days of Summer: Jaws Shirt Giveaway!


This week is the 40th anniversary of the film Jaws. To celebrate, I’ve teamed up with TV Store Online to give away a Jaws t-shirt.

Jaws has been traumatizing kids since June 1975, and I’m pretty sure it’s the reason that I don’t like to swim in the ocean. Although it’s probably really jellyfish. I still don’t understand how anyone can truly enjoy themselves in the water knowing that there are bloodless, heartless brainless blobs WITH TENTACLES that STING PEOPLE.

Seriously people, they don’t have ORGANS. THEY ARE NIGHTMARES. Sharks are adorable compared to jellyfish.

Okay, I’m now going to present you with five incredibly true and interesting loosely-related SHARK FACTS:






Okay now for GIVEAWAY TIME.



1. Leave a comment. About sharks, duh. Or the beach. Or jellyfish. Or just go rogue and tell me what you’re having for lunch later.

2. You have until Friday morning. I’m picking the winner promptly on Friday morning and emailing them with the best news of the summer. YOU WON A JAWS T-SHIRT! Comment before Friday morning!

3. Pick a shirt! You can pick any shirt you want. When I email you, the winner, just let me know which one and which size you want: Jaws Shirts!!!!!!!

4. Okay. Go!


30 responses to “50 Days of Summer: Jaws Shirt Giveaway!

  1. Seeing JAWS at such a young age terrified me so much that, even to this very day at the age of 40, if an image of a great white shark pops up at me unexpectedly, I flinch. I am a 40-year-old land-hugging grown-ass man who jumps at a PICTURE of a shark.

    So of course I’d like nothing more than to wear a picture of a shark on my body. Please help a brother out!

  2. I got attacked and stung by a bunch of jellyfish when I was seven. I’m having a salad for lunch. :)

  3. Oh, don’t even get me started on jellyfish. They don’t keep me out of the ocean in general, But spotting even one tiny one will ruin an entire day at the beach for me. I might go in the water out of a sheer stubbornness to “ENJOY THE BEACH, DAMMIT,” but everything that brushes against me is almost certainly a jellyfish about to send me to the hospital (or at least CVS, or make me into that guy peeing on himself and being asked to leave).

  4. Oh man, I love/hate sharks! The Shark Fighter song by The Aquabats is great, you should really give it a listen. I haven’t gotten around to watching season 2 of The Aquabats Super Show yet, but there is a Shark Fighter episode. I really wanna watch it now!

    Shark Fighter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kk8WTnCx9RM

  5. So, I’m at the beach, bobbing around with a bunch of other folks, and this guy bobbing next to me says, “hey, you watch to the left and I’ll watch to the right.” Um, watch for what? “Sharks!” He laughs. “I always think of sharks when I’m in the water, you know that scene in Jaws when the girls legs are kicking and you see them wriggling like worms on a hook from the shark’s perspective?”

    Really? You say this to me when I’m in the ocean? Thanks for ruining the day, man.

    Still, magnificent creatures. We’ve been watching Mary Lee swimming up and down the coast–amazing how far she wanders, and occasionally how close to shore she gets. But I don’t want to think about that….and by the way, this link shows where both my family and, apparently, Mary Lee the 3500lb shark, go for vacation. Wonderful.

  6. Technicolor Yawn

    Did you ever find yourself alone in the shallow end of the pool and take a look over to the deep end under the water just to make sure that Jaws wasn’t swimming over there for some reason? Because that is me in every pool ever.

  7. NumberOneCabDriverInIowaCity

    No, no, no! I can’t even place a pinky toe in the cold ocean when there is the slightest chance of a Jellyshark nearby. Not worth it. Even if it’s apricot jelly….

  8. I’m with you on the jellyfish. I think my fear of jellyfish is greater than sharks simply because I’m more likely to get stung by a jellyfish than bit by a shark. But that doesn’t stop me from swimming in the ocean…I’m just a little paranoid when the water is particularly warm

  9. We’re gonna need a bigger boat…

  10. Six months ago my family went to Target to buy vacation clothes for a Halloween trip to Disneyland. They had a jaws shirt (the one above in the lower left-hand corner–although the one pictured looks like a girl’s version and I am definitely a dude). Anyway, I wanted that shirt and my wife talked me out of it. I’ve been regretting it ever since. This, coupled with the facts that I was also born in 1975 and therefore the same age as our teethy friend plus a fellow Marylander (1974-2001) who is also scared shitless of jellyfish just about guarantees that this shirt is mine.

    (P.S. I’ll be having a hot roast beef sandwich with caramelized onion cheese, a Go-Gurt and Lays ruffle chips for lunch today while dreaming of playing Nintendo’s quintessential Jaws video game (1987) whilst wearing my totally awesome and free Jaws T).

  11. My eleven-year-old son is basically a human shark. He lies in wait under my bed, quietly hiding until I come walking by, then he grabs my ankles and scares the bejesus out of me. If I win a t-shirt, I will give it to him.

  12. Is Quint not one of the most under appreciated movie characters of all time? How long before a remake is made and over blown with CGI?

  13. I remember finding a copy of H. David Baldridge’s “Shark Attack” when I was around 10 years old. For some reason my mother thought a book dealing with shark attacks in graphic details was appropriate. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even glance inside it (from what I remember, it was quite lengthy with small print; a surefire turn-off to an elementary schooler). I’m pretty sure I bought it for the boss cover. The Intro recounts an attack in grisly detail. Needless to say, living in FL, (our frequent) trips to the beach became a lot tougher to take.


  14. The Jaws movie was scary when I was younger but knowing that JAWS was actually a mechanical shark named Bruce, it took away some of the fear. I remember Jaws jumping out at us at Universal Studios. It was scary and fun. As for Jellyfish, I think they look so very interesting. I wouldn’t mind painting them but keep them in the tank and way way way far into the ocean. I was stung once as a kid when we were visiting Florida. I felt like bugs were biting all over my body. Nice thing is, if you take wet sand it makes the sting go away very quickly and I was still alive after but I never forgot the sting. I will leave you with this: “Show me the way to go home, I’m tired and I want to go to bed, I had a little drink about an hour ago and it went straight to my head.”

  15. Well I was reading this post while eating some chips and bit my finger, so either they are really tasty or I was excited because those shirts are cool.

    biting my finger and reading about sharks is as close as I get to a shark attack.

  16. Sharks absolutely terrify me lol. Please read my latest blog (https://pardonmyblogs.wordpress.com/2015/06/09/the-categories/) for a short and witty, comical outlook on the types of people you find clubbing on a night out… It would be much appreciated :)

  17. I swam with black tipped sharks in the open water in Tahiti. At first it was the scariest moments of my life but after I realized they were more afraid of me it was one of the coolest.

  18. I love shark movies and Jaws was a cool one, but Sharknado was off the charts! Having Hot Pockets, philly cheesesteak for lunch.

  19. I have never seen Jaws….I shall remedy that.

  20. I read the novel of Jaws when I was about 12…there’s some weird sex stuff in there. I was quite disappointed, I was just hoping for people to get eaten by sharks left, right and centre.

  21. I literally just ate a pizza and it made me think to check in on your sight to read your last post. I also like Sharks and T shirts.

    Remember Street Sharks? They were awesome too.

  22. Kevin Hellions

    Two reasons. One, I get to see Jaws on the big screen later this month! Local independent theater will be playing it. Two, look at my stuff. I’ve been wearing a different t shirt every day for 2015 and what could be cooler than a Jaws shirt?

  23. When my 12 year old son was about 8, he was really into sharks. He really enjoyed the Jaws movies. Because of his love of sharks, all he would wear were shark tee shirts, absolutely nothing else. So if I saw a shark tee shirt anywhere, I would buy it. He probably had about 10 or so (I’m saving them for my youngest son). He still loves sharks, but has since moved on to the athletic-shirts-only phase. But that’s the charm of my son. I would love to be able to get him an authentic Jaws tee shirt; he’d get a kick out of it.

    So, of course, we are going to be watching Jaws this weekend, in addition to the new Jurassic World movie, another phase of my son’s.

  24. Okay, I know I’m late, but seriously – my blog’s name is ‘I Like Jellyfish’. I don’t actually talk about jellyfish, and would not want to go near one unless there’s a pane of glass separating us, but they look really pretty. I went to the Mall of America aquarium last week and learnt that some jellyfish are immortal. THEY DON’T DIE. And some are bigger than humans. All of them grow for life. They’re 95% water and some can produce their own light. Are they dangerous? Totally. But really interesting creatures too.

  25. I remember seeing JAWS in the Drive-In theater when it came out.

  26. Sharks are more my spirit animal then a sloth and thats saying a lot, I’m obsessed. That is all.

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