50 Days of Summer: National Donut Day

By now someone on the Internet has told you it’s National Donut Day. Being on a somewhat perpetual non-committal diet post-newborn, I was going to resist. With places like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ giving out free donuts, it was cool and all, but not blow-my-diet cool.

Then I found out Entenmann’s was releasing a patriotic-sprinkled donut.





It combines that classic weird chocolate shell, that weird just-baked chemical taste, and sprinkles that evoke the Fourth-of-July and picnics and sun and fun and red dye 40.

I confess, my love for Entenmann’s is a nostalgic one. You know how some old people got stories about how they’ve smoked and drank everyday into their old age? My grandmother didn’t smoke or drink. Her drug of choice was chocolate Entenmann’s donuts. She was my dealer. She got me hooked.

Whenever I’d go over there to visit Mommom, she knew I liked those donuts, so she would stock up a few extra boxes. You know, just in case I uncharacteristically decided to eat like 50 in one sitting. Which would have been fine. She wouldn’t have even blinked. Binge-eating donuts would have been a total judgement-free zone.

Allow me to tell the story of visiting Mommom in meme form:






Happy Donut Day, Mommom. I ate an Entemann’s in your honor…. and then I ate a second one just to make you happy.

9 thoughts on “50 Days of Summer: National Donut Day

  1. How am I out of the loop on the fact that it’s NATIONAL DONUT DAY!? I’m certain now that my 34 week pregnant body must get some donuts or else my life will not be complete! Your grandmother is a saint for introducing you to your food soul mate <3

  2. My grandmother was a genius at making Sara Lee coffeecakes. Sounds simple, but that cake is in a foil pan. You can’t microwave it. Oven, yo. Genius.

  3. Spot on about grandmas. My Nonni always had those super sugary Entenmann’s coffee cake and I was in love. But on to donut day…there are so many free donuts today/this weekend I think my head will explode (or my body). If you’re ever in San Diego, go to Donut Bar…you’ll thank me.

  4. I swear that Entenmann’s used to actually be good, instead of me being able to just barely pretend it’s good because of the nostalgia. Have they changed or have I? Probably both I guess.

  5. Oh man, what about the Entman’s crumb cake with the chocolate creme center… Heavy breathing..

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