The Wife Almost Divorced Me For Buying This


The wife almost divorced me for buying this, and by that you know I mean it’s yard sale season once again.

It’s a twenty-five-year-old cat food container that was filthy and covered in dust and soot when I picked it up off the ground at the yard sale we were at. So yeah, I admit it looked like a dirty piece of trash, since, well, that’s exactly it was. But it was only a quarter.

The wife was just like:

But my mind was made up. I am totally buying this twenty-five-year old cat food container because it rules and will make an awesome coin bank. I’ve going to save all my coins in it and get rich and have a million dollars probably.

So if you’ve read this blog for a while, you pretty much know that my wife is the chillest person ever. She lets me do my thing and doesn’t mind all the things I collect. But things covered in dirt is where she draws the line. The wife couldn’t see past the dirt and grime on the thing, so she had a little meltdown about me buying and collecting trash and acting like the baby was going to be somehow traumatized by having a dirty cat food container lying around the house.

I still came home with it, cleaned it up, pointed out that this thing goes for $20 on eBay, and said I would write a blog post about it just to show her how everyone will agree with me that it rules.

This isn’t a blog post. This is an argument settler.

25 thoughts on “The Wife Almost Divorced Me For Buying This

  1. oh, duh, piggy banks are so FUN for little kids. I don’t know how attached you are to the label, but you could scrub it off and custom make something for the little dude too. I support the Pizza. +1

  2. Well, I thought you don’t have that quarter to put in your new bank. I also want to point out that in order to turn it into a real piggy bank, you will have to cut a slot in the lid, and that would ruin the resale value on ebay. Finally, I don’t like cats. There, I defended “the wife”.
    On the other hand, the only time I find a use for a single quarter is when I shop at my local store where I have to deposit a quarter to get a cart. Point is, a quarter is not much to lose. You’ve cleaned it up very nicely and you have a hidden location for your loose change. Finally, Garfield is a funny cartoon, he loves lasagna and so do I. Therefore, I don’t want to settle your argument, but I think it is a great re-purpose!

  3. It’s a pretty perfect piggy bank. I kinda like the label, but you could change it out and put something else there for the babe. At least you’re not spending a lot of money buying “trash”.

  4. In basement or kid’s room I think it is acceptable, even fun, but elsewhere? I’m trying to figure out where the meeting point of orange-plastic-Alpo-Garfield and granite countertops could be. This might be the piece you have to re-redecorate your living spaces around. That said, a vintage cat food theme is tempting… Verrrry tempting. I’m going to say a quarter is a small price to pay for such big dreams.

  5. Hahaha, love it! If I were you I’d totally sell it on eBay for a huge profit and spend the money on a dinner for you and your wife. She’ll never question your purchases again!

  6. Somehow I was convinced you’d use it as a container for dog food, and I was behind you all the way.

  7. I believe all the cool kids these days call this ‘upcycling’. Something to do with taking an old heap of junk and repurposing it into another heap of slightly less junky-junk. It’s awfully good for your carbon footprint you know.

    So good of you to clean Garfield up and give him a good home. My only concern is that he might get lonely. Are there any twenty-five-year-old Odie-shaped dog food containers that are filthy and covered in dust and soot? I do hope so. I’m sure your wife would be thrilled if you found Garfield a friend.

  8. So you’re… using the internet to settle an argument? With your wife? Please do let us know how all THAT plays out. (That cat food container is total awesome sauce though. No Joke.)

  9. I can see the wife’s frustration with all the grime but I do agree that it will make a pretty awesome coin bank now that it’s clean. You could save coins in there and buy her something nice because she always sounds pretty awesome too.

  10. I would drink out of it. Use it every day. Family meals, people over to watch a game. Aahh! Beer/soda/water is so refreshing in my Garfield Alpo upcycled glass.

  11. I remember being obsessed with piggy banks once. I loved collecting coins and felt excited at the thought of getting rich by doing so. I support the Pizza.^_^

  12. A question I would ask before considering if it really rules or not is – was there still cat food inside? If there was then I’m on the wife’s side, that is too gross to take into the home. If not then soap and water should clean the outside well and I would repurpose it for something.

  13. Not a bad purchase for twenty five cents. It cleaned up well and looks brand new. I agree with the wife though, it should stay in the basement. Nice piggy bank though! :)

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