Just Sayin.


Me and my kid have matching guinea pig shirts and cheeseburger hats.

12 thoughts on “Just Sayin.

  1. I have enjoyed your blog even more since the baby showed up.

  2. I’m impressed. And a little jealous.

  3. this is amazing. I wish I lived near you so I had a chance of seeing the 2 of you walking around town dressed like that.

  4. Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes!

  5. Some people just win at parenting earlier than others. You’re ahead of the curve.

  6. Have you ever seen one of those fat guys whose bellys seem to pooch out in a kind of gentle slope? I want to see a guy with that build wearing the guinea pig t-shirt. It’d look amazing. If he entered a room slowly, people would think a giant guinea pig was arriving.

  7. Too cute! I love your blog already!

  8. Not sure if this is cute, amusing, slightly disturbing, or all of the above! Just one thing, why guinea pigs?

  9. Why no picture of you wearing them?

  10. Do you mean to tell me that not all parents have matching guinea-pig t-shirt / cheeseburger hats? This is an outrage I tell you!

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