Red Baron March Madness

Red Baron Flavor Madness Logo (1)

I’m going to give away the greatest prize in the universe to one lucky reader. A YEAR SUPPLY OF FROZEN PIZZA. Red Baron contacted me asking if I wanted to give this away. With zero hesitation, I was like hells yeah. Just think of the bragging rights you’d have.

“Dude, I won a year’s supply of random frozen pizzas off this random blog I read.”

More than pizza, I just wanted to give THAT SENTENCE to some lucky reader.

So please, please, God, people, enter this contest so I’m not just that sad blog that tried to give away random frozen pizza and failed. Running a blog contest is always the most nerve-wracking thing. Posting personal writing about my mom dying and son being born? Eh, that’s nothing. Trying to give away random frozen pizzas? OH MY GOD WHAT IF NO ONE ENTERS? IT MEANS I’M STUPID AND UNLOVEDDDDDDD.

Okay, I’m fairly certain Red Baron did not want the topic of my post to be nervous hand-wringing. However, when you contact The Surfing Pizza for advertising, it’s part of the package deal.

Now, let me shuffle through my talking points here. Ahem.

Red Baron Flavor Madness Promo (1)

To add to this bracket-crazed time of year, Red Baron is introducing a tournament of its own: The Red Baron Flavor Madness. Eight toppings – including two newly released options – will go head-to-head in a bracket competition that will crown the fan’s choice for top thin-and-crispy pizza.

Go here, go vote, go wild. Red Baron Flavor Madness

Flavors included in the bracket challenge: BBQ Chicken, Bacon Lovers, Bacon Luau, Bacon Club, Chicken Fiesta, Triple Cheeseburger, Vegetable Medley and Cheesy Alfredo.

Choose Bacon Luau because I just happen to like the word luau or possibly cheesy alfredo because I also like the word alfredo. I’m a little bummed that they gave the vegetarian option the worst name, “Vegetable Medley,” which no one is going to vote for, because the words vegetable medley sound way too much like the scoop of faded vegetables they serve in hospital cafeterias.

For filling out your pizza bracket, Red Baron is giving away a first prize flatscreen, as well as some other prizes, so check it out. They also asked me if I wanted to give away a year’s worth of pizzas, right here on the blog.


Seriously, you know this would change your life. You’ll have to freaking buy a second refrigerator to store your glorious treasure heap of five hundred Red Baron pizzas.

Don’t worry, it’s not really five hundred. And they send you coupons for the free pizzas.

Here is how your life will change after winning a year’s worth of Red Baron pizzas.

1) You freaking win. I email you. Slowly, the realization comes over you that this is the greatest day of your life.


2) First, you call your mom, telling her your great accomplishment:


3) You wait by the mailbox for the coupons to arrive.


4) Coupons arrive.


5) You make the pizza.


6) You find what you’ve been searching for your entire life.


7) This is you, twice a month, every month, for a year.



1) Leave a comment (as well as your email address in the proper field)

2) The comment topic is: Pizza. Duh. How do you feel about stuffed crust? Yes, always? Sometimes? What’s up with Dominos changing their recipe? How do you feel about pineapples on your pizza? Is extra cheese for real or is it just a scam? Is the generic pizza place down the street from you a hidden gem or a disgusting hellhole? What’s up with the new Pizza Hut fancy swirl flavors?

3) The contest runs through next Tuesday, March the 10th. I will email the winner on Wednesday morning, whom I will pick randomly!

51 thoughts on “Red Baron March Madness

  1. I am SO excited about this contest! I almost hope I am the only participant so I’m guaranteed to win. I love even the crappiest pizza, and I’m pretty much open to any toppings (except meat since I’m a vegetarian). We typically end up eating pizza at the brewery closest to our house, or get slices from Whole Foods (which are actually pretty decent).

    This wasn’t asked but I thought I’d share anyway: Best pizza I’ve ever had was at Juliana’s in Brooklyn (the original location and owner of the more famous Grimaldi’s)

    Also….great choice of gifs, I feel like they accurately illustrated my feelings/actions if I won

  2. Oh boy! I want to try! I’ll eat anything! I love pizza!! πŸ’ŸπŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•
    My email address is in my gravatar profile. Thank you for having this contest!!

  3. Followed the Red Baron link. Tried to register. It tells me to enter a valid email address, which I already did. No pizza for me, I guess. And now I have a prejudice against Red Baron.

    1. I dunno. I tried it and had no problem. But my contest here on the blog is different from their site. You can still win free pizza by commenting here on the blog, so there, you’re entered.

  4. Pizza? Oh, hell yes! One thing that makes me sad is having moved from Chicago (where buildings are practically made from deep dish) to rural Pennsylvania, where Pizza Hut is literally the best you can do, unless you’re making your own. As a side note, I’m really not sure about that swirly thing, but playing with the crust flavors is fun…

    1. I’m glad someone chimed in on the swirl flavors! It’s totally weird, and doesn’t add anything to the flavor. The crust on the otherhand… the pretzel one is the bomb.

  5. HOLY CRAP YES! Free year supply of pizza!? AWESOME!

    I hope I win, but if I don’t here’s my poor man’s french bread pizza recipe:

    Cut store bought french bread loaf in half
    add sauce, cheese, pre-cooked pepperoni, and/or any other toppings you desire.
    Heat in oven at 350 degrees until cheese is nicely melted.
    Cut in to sections with pizza slicer and serve. YUM!

  6. This is a comment to enter the wonderful contest.
    I’m not really sure how to vote for a winner without trying the contestants though. I mean, I like luau, but if I want a ham and pineapple, I can just get uh, that other brand that already makes a good ham and pineapple. I think it’s Freshetta? The triple cheeseburger could be good, and since no frozen pizza is healthy, I’m not sure why anyone would go with the vegetarian, unless it tasted good, which I can’t tell unless I eat it. I wonder what the difference between Bacon lovers and bacon club is?

    Either way, I kind of want to go to the store and get some junk food now.

    I would love to win 24 frozen pizzas though. it would be nifty.

  7. Here’s the awesome thing about Red Baron pizza. Its in your freezer. No need to venture out into the snow. No need to pay way too much for pizza that’s found to be lacking. Open up freezer, pop in oven, enjoy. All quicker than delivery. Cheaper too. And if I may add, tastier. Red Baron pizza is so good Snoopy would eat it. And he hates the Red Baron.

  8. I love stuffed crust! I never ate Dominos because it was never near my house, until one just opened up a few days ago. I like Hawaiian pizza. Some places extra cheese might be a scam. I know of two local and one about 20 mins away that are all amazing hidden gems. Also one good one turned dumpy one (Former owners sold it.) two shop away from where the Dominos opened. Have not tried the new Pizza Hut.

  9. Gosh. Pizza. The only thing I like more than eating pizza is writing about eating pizza. For me, the crust is the best part. I love a good crust. About the only way to make crust bad is to stuff it with cheese or wrap it in bacon. Even thought this is all about Red Baron, as far as bake at home frozen pizzas go, Digornio self-rising has the best crust. I would almost eat crust off of a strangers plate if it looked like they were going to leave it uneaten. I always start any pizza dinner off with saying “I’ll finish the crust if you get full.” I don’t even care who I’m with. It is tough when I have pizza with my parents because they save the crust for their parrots. Parrots! Over their own daughter. Heaven forbid someone orders a sheet pizza and tries to offer me a middle piece. I will call all corner pieces on all sheet pizzas.

    Hmm..what else about pizza…This conversation happens almost daily:
    Me: What do you want for dinner?
    Boyfriend: I don’t care. What do we have?
    Me: I could make anything. Or we could just do a pizza.
    Boyfriend: You pick.
    Me: You know I will always pick pizza.

    I look forward to Sundays for exactly two reasons – 1. It is clean sheets day. 2. It is $7 large pizza from the mini mart gas station day. I don’t need to have fancy expensive pizza. If it tastes good, I don’t care if it costs only $7 and came from the Valero down the road.

    My favorite topping is pineapple but I don’t like it with ham or bacon. I’d also have pineapple with pepperoni. A nice three meat pizza is always good, but I’m never really sure what the third meat is. I can identify pepperoni and sausage…is the third hamburger? Cubed pepperoni? I also love a good supreme pizza, which is crazy because I wouldn’t touch one of those with a 10 food pole as a kid.

    I’m starting to feel really sad that I have a salad for dinner tonight.

  10. I’ve never had Red Baron Pizza

    But I’m willing to eat an entire year’s worth immediately to make up for that.

    What a powerful amount of free pizza.

    I’m already thinking of what my life would be like months into the whole ordeal and I like it.

  11. I can honestly say, I’ve only ever eaten 1 bad pizza. That’s even taking into account the microwaveable pizza I picked up at a convenience store one time. Anyhow, it was one of those pizzas where everything tasted off, the cheese, the sauce, even the crust. I still persevered and finished it though.

    Otherwise, I’ll eat just about anything on my pizza. The only thing I haven’t tried is anchovies, and I’d like to change that some day.

    If I won a year’s worth of pizza, I might actually put on some weight, which would make my fiance infinitely grateful. She’s tired of my lackadaisical approach to healthy eating and my never changing waistline.

  12. One time while drunkenly eating pizza after bar closing time on south st in philly my friend offered a passerby $5 to fuck their bicycle. He remembered this randomly the next morning while eating more pizza.

  13. I am the little old woman who lives in a shoe and I have so many children (6!) I don’t know what to do. I am also Old Mother Hubbard who goes to her cupboard and finds it bare. Pizza would help so much! Nothing beatsa pizza!
    Thank you!

  14. Bwahahahaha! First of all, those gifs cracked me up. Second of all… Red Baron is the BOMB. And lastly, if I have to see one more of those “new” cheesy Dominos commercials, I’m going to gouge my eyes out with a rusty metal spoon. Seriously… they make me a little angry.

  15. The Chinese buffet near work has those small round pepperoni pizzas on their buffet. They’re the exact same pizzas we used to get in mid-high in the fast food line. It is so embarrassing to return to the table with a small pizza on my plate. I try to hide it by placing sushi on and around it, but eventually people see it and you have to own the moment and be like, “yeah. I’m the guy that gets cheap pizza at a Chinese buffet. Deal with it.”

  16. This is my favorite Jon Stewart moment of all time. I never cared about pizza really till I moved to NYC. Now i have at least three different favorite places – all of which have different “feelings” to their pizzas. I’m a Motorino girl when i want either thick crust or weird toppings (brussel sprouts & pancetta? yes.), a Joe’s when I’m in a hurry. Luzzo’s when i want to invite 20 friends and dine-in (their pizza is so thin, it basically dissolves during delivery). The basil on it there is insane. Not sure why. And oh! Gnocco, cause they do tiny gnocco pizza bite balls. Die.
    Watch the clip!

  17. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to cook and have made many a homemade pizza — it’s pretty much the fastest bread-based meal you can make from scratch, and good for using up random meat/veggie leftovers.

    That said, on special occasions I do not cook even fancier food, as one might naively suspect. On special occasions, I buy a bag of penguin-shaped chicken nuggets, some frozen potstickers, and a liter of Sierra Mist and call it a night (ah, that was certainly an interesting New Years Eve). Give me a year’s supply of pizza and I am SET for the holidays.

    And yes, the holidays start now, because I was born in the spring and — like Axe Cop — require a whole month to properly celebrate my birth.

  18. I love pizza! I love pizza with scallions and corn and ham. I love pizza with onions and peppers and olives.

    I love all the pizza

  19. I’m not sure that I’ve ever had Red Baron’s frozen pizza but I’ll sure try it for a year. I don’t think I’ve ever said no to a slice of pizza. I think frozen pizza will fit in very well with my college student diet.

  20. ok -so here i go trying to win a years worth of pizza, cause who would not want that??? stuffed crust pizza – I never get to order it because my son thinks its gross. Dominoes new recipe? ( I assume you are talking about the seasoning on the crust) I have to order pizza without that new seasoning because my son thinks its gross. pineapple on the pizza? Ditto. wow..I swear I am not making this up, ditto on the extra cheese too. now I am feeling some resentment to my son! I may as well add one more comment about my son and pizza, if we order one that is cut in squares? his whole day is ruined and he freaks out on that too.

    I am suprised you didnt ask people to comment on the new bacon wrapped pizza from Little Ceasers? (yes i know, Ilttle Ceasers…ewww…what do you expect for $5??) it looked good to me in the picture but “you know who” said he was not a bacon fan…
    so anyway…hope you have better pizza luck with your son AND I should mention that March 10th (contest enter by day) is my birthday..well, wouldnt a BIG pile of pizza in my freezer be a nice gift??

  21. I’m on this horrible diet, so pizza for a year would be pretty awesome. Plus you sent me a bumper sticker one time that was totally awesome.

  22. i love pizza more than most any other food i even love those sun of italy pizza kits the most weird i know but they are so good its not funny

  23. Red Baron pizza is the best frozen pizza. If I won pizza for a year I would shout it from the mountaintops and then come down to eat my pizza.

  24. I don’t think stuffed crust pizza is necessary. I haven’t tried Domino’s new recipe yet. Pizza is one of my favorite foods!

  25. Lone Starr: A million? That’s unfair.
    Pizza the Hutt: Unfair to payor but not to payee. But you’re gonna pay it, or else!
    Barf: Or else what?
    Pizza the Hutt: Tell him, Vinnie.
    Vinnie: Or else Pizza is gonna send out for *you*!

    …May the Schwartz be with you

  26. This would be an amazing win. I do like stuffed crust, but I’m a little weird and like it better the next day like string cheese rather than when it’s all gooey. I’ll eat pineapple on pizza if somebody else ordered it, it’s pretty good, but I don’t order it on my own. Give me pizza!

  27. I love stuffed crust, extra cheese, cheese cheese, cheesy cheese… uh did I mention cheese?

    Hawaiian pizza (pineapple and ham) sounds disgusting and looks crazy and is one of my favorites. They closed our local pizza hut, so I’m stuck with crapass papa ginos.

  28. I voted for the bacon lovers. I like the word Luau as well, but I am not a fan of pineapple on pizza, which I assume is included in the luau variety.

  29. The best thing about pizza is that everyone loves it. It matters not who you might be serving… you know the pizza will be a hit. I never heard of pineapple on pizza back east, but here in California it is relatively common. My favorite topping is mushrooms, and for that Domino’s is actually pretty good. We love our local Round Table Pizza because they will do special orders for us with no fuss. One thing I’ve never understood is why pizza shops use only the black olives. Seriously, green olives (the kind stuffed with pimentos) are the ideal pizza topping! Someone once told me that tuna is a pizza topping in Israel. Seriously? Thanks so much for running this contest and here’s hoping that I fare better with the Red Baron than Snoopy did!

  30. Pizza… Peatza… peeeezzzzaaaa… ok seriously, I am just warming up…
    Me, myself and my wife (I list me twice as I usually eat the leftovers) are WHT ypu might call frozen pizza addicts. We have tried about every kind under the sun. When one pizza company (leaving out the names) changed their sauce recipe, we started a campaign to get people to write them about how bad the new sauce is. 3 months later… Original Sauce is Back, splattered across every box. I’m not saying we were the catalyst, but we played our part. Just a couple of love birds protecting everyone’s right to a good frozen pizza.

    As for crusts on my pizza, I have tried and love almost all of them. Stuffed is great for dipping in marinara, regular crust is for dipping in ranch, deep dish needs nothing but an eagerly waiting mouth. Thin crust pizza is probably my favorite. And here is my argument for that statement. For those pizza lovers looking to cut calories, less crust means you can sleep easy. For the big eaters, load up on toppings, that thin crust wont distract from the flavor of your masterpiece. For the reheaters, no other crust toasts up as well in your toaster oven the next day. Personally I like leftover cold Pizza straight from the fridge for lunch. Thin crust is usually crispier, which means it doesn’t get soggy overnight in the fridge. Sadly, the new fad is pretzel bread. I love soft pretzles, but on my pizza? No thank you. This was worth a try, but failed in my book. So as you can tell, crust is important to me.
    Red Baron is the pizza of my childhood, I remember the personal pizzas they sold, that came with the cardboard microwave plate. This was a regular after school snack for me, always sausage and pepperoni. Later on in life (as my taste buds grew up), I found their supreme pizza to be one of the best on the market. I even preferred it over delivery, because they used diced peppers instead of large chunks. This allowed for the best disbursement of toppings. While I don’t eat pizza every day any more (getting older and eating healthier sucks), it is still a weekly treat in our house. So this contest truly hits home for me.

    Thanks for sharing, I am sure you will have so many entries, the stress won’t be on getting them, but having to pick a winner from so many. Good luck!

  31. P.S. sorry for a few mistakes spelling in that one, I replied from my phone, stupid auto correct bothered me to the point that I turned it off, hence the issues.

  32. Pizza – it’s the only thing my 12-year-old son is willing to eat – that and Zone bars- Super picky is an understatement. So, if I win, my rock star Mom status would turn into *super* rock star Mom status. He prefers pizza from the local pizza restaurant, but frozen works for him, too. He’s pretty fond of DiGiorno, and we also buy the Red Baron singles mega pack from Costco.

    ps. I’m a newer reader, but really enjoy your column. Sorry to hear about your Mom. Enjoy your son- everyone tells you before you know it, he’ll be off to school and grown. You hear this often I’m sure, but you cannot really grasp the concept until much later, when you realize time does fly. My oldest just turned 16, and cannot wait to take her permit test.

  33. I was way into stuffed crust pizza when it first came out. I seem to remember that was the same time period where Pizza Hut was also doing their Casper movie promotion? What I sort of miss even more is the triple-decker pizza they did where they just jammed a layer of cheese in between two thin layers of dough. Don’t put pineapple on my pizza, though. I’m also still waiting for the day they open a Mellow Mushroom here in Houston.

  34. You know, I’d go on a vacation tour that was just to experience all the weird bastardized pizza experiences in other countries. The tour would make a concerted effort to observe no part of theses cultures other than the strange things they’ve done to pizza. It would be 5 years long; an inordinate amount of time would be spent in Japan

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