Halloooooweeen Nintendo Hoodie Giveaway


My last post was kind of heavy, so now I want to lighten things up and give away a grand prize. I’ve teamed up with TV Store Online, who has tons of great Halloween costumes and merch in stock.

The prize: your choice of one of the awesome hoodies above.

Who can win: You. If you entered a contest before, won a contest before, know me in real life, don’t know me, read my blog all the time, have never read it and just showed up for the free stuff, are too old for this but think it might be a good Christmas gift for someone… — I don’t care. Comment, enter, blah blah blah. I pick these things totally randomly using a number generator.

How to win: Leave a comment. And you’re feeling extra generous, share my blog with others. Oh, and answer the question: Who would win in a street brawl? The Golden Girls or The Full House family?

The deadline: A week from today, Thursday. I will email the winner bright and early on Friday morning, Oct the 24th!


50 thoughts on “Halloooooweeen Nintendo Hoodie Giveaway

  1. While I would love to see a fight between Blanche and Danny or Sophia and Joey (always picking Sophia btw), my real money is on the family of dudes in these sweatshirts. Where did they find these middle aged men to put these things on…and then be professionally photographed? Would not want to meet any them in the proverbial dark alley. #thuglife

  2. When considering a fight between the cast of Full House and the cast of Golden Girls, there are a number of things to consider. 1) It depends on the Full House cast we are talking about. Is this the original family with baby Michelle or is it everyone from the last season’s fullest of homes – Aunt Becky, those little blonde-haired demons, and Gibbler, who – at this point in time – was an integral member of the team? We’ll leave DJ’s boyfriend Steve out of the mix. 2) The Golden Girls are feisty and should not be counted out on their age alone. At the height of their power – I feel like doughy Uncle Joey and the nebbish Danny Tanner could be single handedly taken down by Dorothy. I know that Sophia could easily take out the 3 little girls with a simple tongue lashing. 3) The real lynch pin here would be the battle between Blanch and Uncle Jessie. If assisted by Becky and the Kids, Blanche would have no chance in hell, but just the two of them – hand to hand – I feel that if Blanche took out the hair, the rest would crumple along with it. SO – If we are talking about season one Full House against season one Golden Girls – I’d go with the those septuagenarian chariots of fire. If it was the last season Full House, then I’d put all of my money on Gibbler and the Tanner Family.

  3. The Golden Girls would definitely win. Blanche has definitely slapped a bitch or two. Dorothy has height and the mobility that only a caftan can provide. And while Rose is probably useless, I bet Sophia can swing a mean pocketbook. As for the Full House crew, they don’t stand a chance. Danny would be too busy cleaning up the mess made from the fight. Jesse wouldn’t want to mess up his hair. Joey would just be doing a Popeye impression. DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle would be fighting with each other. Only Aunt Becky and Kimmy Gibbler would doing anything useful.

  4. I don’t think it would be much of a fight. I think the Golden Girls would first send over a batch of poison cookies or something and just take them all out before blows were even traded.

  5. My heart says Golden Girls ’cause they’re ornery and pissy, but the practical side says Full House.
    There are more of them, they have tons if toys and sports equipment that could be used to maim old people and snap their bone, and, by some chance that the old coots turn the tables, you could escape upstairs. Those old bit ties would have a helluva time catching them!!

    Also, no one seems to want to give the Full House crew a shot, so I thought I’d give them one!!

    Great question!!

  6. I might be the only one with money on the Full House crew. Let’s face it, the Golden Girls might’ve won 30 years ago, but their bones would probably break if their geriatric eyes landed a punch. Plus, you can’t be as annoying a “comedian” as Dave Coulier without having to fight once or twice. Bob Saget’s a nut, and there’s no way Blanche would square off against Stamos. Dorothy would be distracted by the children, leaving Rose as the wild card. But Lori Loughlin always looked pretty fierce, so I’d hold out hopes that she could pull her team through.

    1. Wait. Are we trying to compare the Golden Girls cast as they currently are V. the Full House Cast as they currently are? Because that wouldn’t be fair. You’d only have Betty White/Rose left on the GG side. The FH crew would just gang up on her.

  7. I think the most dangerous Golden Girl would be Ma (Estelle Ghetty) because she comes form the old country and is probably versed in methods of combat that polite society may live and die without ever even hearing of. I could see her zipping around, stilettos (Blanche’s) in hand, garrote wire at the ready while uncle Joey’s life hangs by one cleverly timed “cut-it-out”.

    I think otherwise it’s youth before beauty here. The Tanner family simply has too much vitality to be overcome by the Golden Girls. Maybe if Dorothy had time to plan out a strategy of traps ahead of time (a robotic killer puppet for Joey, a glue trap/ poison comb for Jesse, “how rude” bumper stickers for Stephanie) they might stand a chance, but there are too many young men in the Full House family to win an impromptu street fight.

    I subbed to your blog some time ago because it’s just so well written and succeeds in making me laugh. I’m sorry about how the year has gone. I went through some of that with the doctors when my dad passed two years ago and yes, you think about the things that happened a lot afterwards. All of the staff seemed to support and encourage his decision to stop treatment and die, only his nephrologist encouraged him to keep fighting and reconsider his decision. I talked with my older brother about it and he had a good point, dad was in and out of the hospital those last few months and when it gets like that you know the fire’s burning out, still leaves me with regrets though. I don’t want to think about that more right now but the thing that gets me the most is how the doctors didn’t figure out what was wrong with him (colon infection) until he’d been there a week and then stopped treatment off the infection after he opted to stop dialysis. Just to ensure he died in pain from an unchecked infection. He was so thirsty and he asked my brother for a glass of water… man I’m just going to stop right there.

  8. Lol!! These answers are great!
    I couldn’t stand Full House – it was annoying to me. And I was too young to get most of the Golden Girls humor, but I still think the ladies for the win.
    By the way – even if I don’t win, thanks for this post. Had no idea they made these. I have a son whose getting one for Christmas!

  9. well dah! the golden girls of course…
    thanks for sharing your life and your great writing skills with us all. (yes, I am some random stranger who happened upon your blog somehow and now I follow you…in case you didnt know, not everyone can put words to paper and do it well like you do, just sayin….)
    Now I hope that the ramdom computer thing picks me… I need one of those eally silly looking sweatshirts, just so i can wear it and make my 19 year old son (who is way to cool for anything I do) crazy by wearing it.
    see ya!

  10. I’m envisioning a “very special episode” in which everyone learns a valuable lesson about getting along. The Golden Girls go into things feisty, with Sophia ready to pulverize someone, but they ultimately end badly for the girls, with Dorothy delivering some grim monologue at the end about them not being spring chickens anymore, and biting off more than they can chew or something similarly profound…
    So, yeah- the Full House gang…

  11. Definitely the Golden Girls, they are feisty ladies. The Full House group would be wrapped up in their own drama or be distracted by Dave Coullier doing something.

  12. I say Golden Girls…for many of the same reason other people have. Between Sophia and Dorothy, the Tanners don’t stand a chance. Also….Golden Girls continues to make me laugh, while Full House just sucks now (coming from someone who used to be obsessed).

  13. I think it would be a close fight, but once you hit Bea Arthur in the face one time, I think it’s over. She’ll go off like she goes off on Sam and just annihilate everyone in sight including the other Golden Girls. So who would win? Dorothy.

    She’ll stand there holding a sword that appeared out of no where covered in blood with bodies all around her. It would be awesome.

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