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Since I literally haven’t left the house in eight weeks, have absolutely nothing to write about, and seriously considered writing a post in which I reviewed the contents of my refrigerator, let’s do another giveaway. It’s easy. You leave a comment. I choose someone at random. You win BOTH of these Voltron shirts.

The comment topic is: What is in your refrigerator?

I’ll go first.

Quarter-used jar of banana pepper rings. Despair level: 3. They’re still maintaining their bright colors well.

Unopened mustard. Despair level: 0. Mustard can be ominously old and despairing, but this one was purchased just last week.

Four other jars of opened mustard. Despair level: 10. Because ominous.

1 Week Old Hummus, somewhat eaten. Despair level: 4. It’s healthy, well-intentioned, and very much nearing the end of its natural shelf life.

Pack of String Cheese: Despair level: 0. Personally, I’m living off of cheese these days.

Jar of Half-Used Spaghetti Sauce: Despair level: 10. Unknown dates. It’s at that state of congealment where it looked like it made a last-ditch effort to climb out of the jar before succumbing to the back of the fridge FOREVER.

3 stalks of Celery: Despair level: 1. They’re a little past that cheerful bright green color, but the wife will tell you they’re still perfectly fine to consume. Think I’ll go for the string cheese.

Mayonnaise. Despair level: Unknown. Ehh, I’m sketched out, but it’s another one of those things the wife insists is always perfectly fine to consume.

Juice Boxes: Despair level 0 or 10, depending on if you think I’m too old to be drinking juice boxes.

Carton of Orange Juice with that one awful sip left. Despair level: 8. Ugh. That sip that’s always left at the bottom, thick, pulpy, and partially frozen, is the worst. THE WORST.

One sickening pound of pre-cut squares of cheese platter from Costco. Despair level 10. Because it’s weeks old and evidence that no single human being can eat two pounds worth of cheese platter before it expires. But God knows I tried.

Really Disgusting Looking Bottle of Homemade Salad Dressing. Despair level: 300. I just want to throw the whole thing out and cut the losses over the reusable tupperware it’s in. At this point, the mysterious, glistening liquid looks as though it might have become sentient and smile back at me if I were to open the lid in any fashion.

Okay, now tell me, what’s in yours? Feel free to give as little or as much detail as you want. Name one thing or name everything. A week from today, September 10th, I will pick a winner and email you. You win both shirts courtesy of, which carry a cool selection of pop-culture related shirts and novelties.


20 responses to “Win These Voltron Shirts

  1. My fridge is a sad sad place. I have 1 beer from like 2 years ago, a bottle of ear drops for my cat, 3 old tortillas, and an alarming amount of dead fruit flies. Did they break in? Were they born there in the cold like a link in the chain to a super strong ice race of fruit flies?

  2. Mmmm. Banana pepper rings. My favorite pizza topping.

  3. Voltron was always one of my favorite shows as a kid. I kind of hated Power Rangers when it first came out because it seemed like such a ripoff.
    Anyway, what’s in my fridge….

    1 tub of half used edamame hummus and 1 tub of cucumber dill dip that each “expired” two weeks ago and I haven’t eaten in a least three weeks because up until now I kind of forgot about them, but won’t throw out because they smell and taste ok and have no visible mold.

    a peanut butter jar that contains dill pickle juice instead of peanut butter
    a half used jar of almond butter because reasons

    2 slices of rye bread that are probably the consistency of bread that has been toasted. I should just toast them, eat them, and be done with it but now it’s kind of gone into an experiment where I want to see how long before they actually get moldy. I’m starting to think never…

    homemade butter
    land-o-lakes spreadable butter
    2 sticks of butter
    Other people make butter when they already have two kinds of butter, right?

    Take and Bake Ciabatta bread that has been taken but has yet to be baked. Until I see visible mold, it is still an option.

    1 jar of spaghetti sauce that is 3/4 of the way full – it replaced the jar of 1/2 full jar of sauce that we decided to use up when I made manicotti. Unfortunately 1/2 a jar wasn’t enough, thus the new partial jar.

    3 lb. kosher dill pickle spears
    1 jar bread and butter pickle chips
    1 jar with 4 gherkins floating in it
    1 jar of dill sandwich pickles
    I really like pickles and seeing this list gives me mild anxiety that I don’t have enough.

    container of ambrosia that is starting to look suspiciously liquidy. I hate to eat it right away because I hate marshmallows and have to wait for them to become absorbed into the whipped cream. However, waiting to long can be a risk – hence it’s current semi-liquid state.

    There is a lot more but I’m starting to think my time would be better spent cleaning my fridge instead of listing it’s contents. From now on we zero it out every night.

  4. There is a lot of stuff in my fridge right now, because I just had a birthday party and there are tons of leftovers. The most interesting thing is a gum-paste Marvin the Paranoid Android, and a gum-paste me dressed as Aurthur Dent. They came from my awesome birthday cake (I turned 42), and couldn’t bear to eat them.
    The sad thing is that they will probably turn into mushy piles of soggy sugar and then mold and eventually be thrown away, which is a much worse fate than being eaten.

  5. I have more magnets on my fridge than items inside :(

  6. Lets see. I have an opened can of chana dal, (that’s Indian food for you not in the know) half carton of milk, a jug of potato salad leftover from Labor Day, carton of eggs, some queso fresco, and a bottle of O.J.

  7. A door full of condiments, leftover stuffed crust pizza, and sierra mist because it was on sale.

  8. 8 cans of beer,chocolate cream pie with only the whipped cream eaten off,a bowl of left over milk from fruity pebbles(i recycle my cereal milk as its packed full of flavour and just gets better),watermelon juice,hot fudge,a jar of half eaten vegemite(im Aussie),pilsbury pink icing,key lime pie jello cups,cool whip.a bowl with left over corn/mashed potato,jelly belly tutti frutti breakfast syrup,bacon,3 types of cheese,big red soda bottle and filtered water.

  9. Like 6 opened bottles of salad dressing. Why is it we are never satisfied with opening just a couple. It’s not like we eat salads everyday either so guess I better check the experation dates.

  10. Left over pizza. Makes great cold breakfast.

  11. One garden tomato. Older than a few hours. Gross.

    Cherry Dr. Pepper. Yummy.

    Provolone deli cheese. Very good.

    One ear of corn. Still good.

    Tons of condiments. I hate when they get older than a few weeks.

    Something in a Cool Whip container. It’s not Cool Whip. Gross.


  12. Yay! Give away! Sad face about what’s in your fridge :( No judgment though :) Hmm, in mine:
    1. Tea brewed in the sun.
    2. Many, many, many condiments -two bottles of mustard, 3 bottles of edible salad dressing and 1 bottle of really gross balsamic dressing I’m supposedly going to find a use for.
    3. A huge jar of dill pickles.
    4. 5 dozen eggs (we eat a lot of eggs for just the 2 of us.)
    5. Black eyed peas I cooked in the crock pot.
    6. Cooked white rice.
    7. Two huge bottles of ketchup.
    8. Several different types of hot sauce including: Sriracha, Frank’s Red Hot sauce, Tabasco, Tapatio and other bottles which me and my hubby argue about if they should be refrigerated or not.
    9. About 4 lbs of chicken breasts which I need to take out of the package and sort into containers suitable for the freezer.
    10. Some breakfast scramble toaster pastries which weren’t taken out of the freezer and then not eaten.
    11. Jams and jellies – my favorite being a pumpkin butter.
    12. Tub of fake butter.
    13. A gallon of milk which is actually empty and should just be tossed out.
    And I will conclude there. I’m hungry :)

  13. Taking a peek in my kitchen, what’s going down in my Fridge?
    Aside from greenish Provolone (but hey there’s just a Smidge!)

    Besides, I assert to my family, if the truth were to be told…
    Where do you think cheese comes from, if not from a bit of mold?

    On the Top Shelf, you can see “Top Chef” has obviously been fired,
    Hardened Kraft macaroni (and more cheese!) leaves little to be desired.

    Oh wait! Top Chef wasn’t laid-off – – he tossed his white hat and promptly retired.
    After all, what’s left to prepare when the eggs and the butter have expired?

    In the produce drawer exists red apples, but I use the term loosely,
    Let’s just say there’s no need for a blender to get fruit in my house “juicely.”

    Tupperware = the Family Game, “Guess what lives in here for your dinner?”
    Who needs Weight Watchers? This is the most effective way to get thinner.

    One last look at the freezer’s contents, and I turned and I smiled,
    “We’re eating out tonight, kids – – next life you should be born to Julia Child!”

  14. I just cleaned out the fridge and went grocery shopping so my fridge is full of healthy (mostly) edible things

  15. AREA OF COLD EXISTENCE Consists of::
    one cooked, but very cold hot dog
    Grey poupon and various other condiments
    lunch meat.. may still be good
    Very tasty jam and jelly
    Cheese.. and more cheese
    leftover pasta and spinach
    squash and zuchinni
    Milk and chocolate milk for the wee one
    Butter and eggs galore
    HUGE tub of cookie dough.. because that’s just normal
    Mickey mouse yogurt which is actually very tasty
    one cantaloupe and cut up watermelon :)

  16. Technicolor Yawn

    The insides of my refrigerator consists of:
    About 2 dozen more or less out of date sauces
    About 4 or 5 sauces I actually use
    Lacroix – Peach Pear Flavor
    About 2 Quarter Bags of Lettuce
    The Actual Bag of Lettuce I am Currently Eating
    A Watermelon from Labor Day Weekend That I Will Probably Not Eat
    A Thing of Watemelon from the Chinese Restaurant That They Gave My Family Because We Were in the Same Birthing Class
    Cheese for Grilled Cheese
    MILK – Always milk
    Packets of Chinese Food Sauce and Taco Bell Sauce

    Written from memory – I feel like I can channel the honest inhabitants of my cruel ice dungeon.

  17. There *were* cookies from the cookie-delivery place, but I took them out because the fridge is no place for cookies.

    Mayonnaise that still has a couple months left to it — I don’t care what anyone tells you, the oil in mayo does get rancid and gross, especially if a lot of air gets to it.

    Suspicious ground beef — not suspicious because I brought it home in a large bag ominously labeled MEAT LAB (it’s from the college), but because someone left the freezer open and something melted onto the butcher paper it’s wrapped in. It’s a vague brownish color that could be chocolate ice cream or blood, I can’t be sure which until it thaws.

    Two button mushrooms that apparently didn’t fit on a pizza. Who leaves two mushrooms? What am I supposed to make with two mushrooms? Slightly obscene artwork?

    A (fresh) brown tomato — really it’s more purplish-brownish-red, but I guess “brown” sells better than “puce.”

    And, somewhat sadly and perplexingly, a container of pie filling that was the last thing I made in my old building before moving here — I had frozen apples and cranberries to use up, and I wound up with this. The rest went into turnovers, but I couldn’t quite eat all of it and it’s either too sentimental or too scary to open up and dump into the sink at this point.

  18. cold air
    a light bulb
    some sheves and drawers
    a Brita water pitcherblack olives, sliced
    macaroni salad
    crud at the bottom

  19. Where do I even begin…in my fridge is:
    – Pizza
    – Grilled potatoes
    – Almond milk
    – 1% milk
    – mozzarella sticks
    – Chobani yogurt
    – Grapes
    – Locally-grown carrots
    – Eggs
    – Condiments, most important Sweet Baby Ray BBQ Sauce
    – Hmm…some other assortment of things that are hidden in the back.

    Fun post, thanks for sharing!

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