Ode to These Awesome 1980s Walkie Talkies


Remember when this blog used to be about fun stuff and awesome 80s toys? Remember before my life got super serious and introspective? Remember when I was a different person? Young and carefree? Yeah, that.

Well I found these old school walkie talkies at the thrift store. I had every intention of flipping them for a few extra bucks on eBay, but I also knew there was no chance of it happening. Because look at them. When you think of 1980s toys, you think of the major touchstones in popular culture. You’re not remembering the generic crappy day to day toys that made up the actual bulk of your toy box, your life. I think I had these exact walkie talkies. I think it’s possible that every kid on the planet once had these exact walkie talkies.

Every aspect of them was somehow perfect. Let’s take a closer look.

PERFECT ASPECT #1: Friendly Reminder Kay-Bee Sticker


PERFECT ASPECT #2: Weathered Tape Barely Holding Box Together


PERFECT ASPECT #3: Styrofoam, Baby


PERFECT ASPECT #4: Confounding Morse Code Translation. Seems Legit.


PERFECT ASPECT #5: Fancy Belt Clip


PERFECT ASPECT #6: The Freaking Receipt



19 thoughts on “Ode to These Awesome 1980s Walkie Talkies

  1. Reasons the receipt is perfect: 1) paid cash (duh); 2) followed soldier and sought sales clerk for batteries, aka fuel; 3) batteries probably were alkaline, but who knows so even a little mystery; 4) 1986. Sweet jesus I wanna go back.

  2. Today these would come in a triple-layered box, wrapped in one sextillion (that’s a real number) wires that are somehow magically tied together in knots that can only be cut with 20 lb wire cutters once owned by the Beagle Boys (name that cartoon). I need to go back to buying 80s toys just so I can open them without losing my salvation.

    1. The other thing about those knotted twisty ties is that they actually defy the laws of rotation. You’re untwisting clockwise or whatever, then suddenly you have to start twisting them in the other direction. And yes, there are sextillion.

  3. wow, that is an amazing find! I wonder who would have bought these and never used them though…they missed out on so much fun. Also, I don’t know morse code but I do know SOS, and the “O” is 2 long beeps, not 3, so at least that letter is wrong, making this all the more perfect.

  4. I know I had this exact set, and were used and abused for years, for play, camping everything, this was a great set as long as you were in visual line with who you were talking too. I kinda wish I still had them but the smaller ones I have now with multiple miles as a distant does a bit better…oh and cellphones too.

  5. My brother and I had a set of these too. I remember we were playing with them at church one Sunday, (we had skipped Sunday School and were running around the grounds with them). Apparently the walkie-talkies interfered with the church’s sound system, and everybody could hear us instead of the minister. Which is especially ironic, since we could barely hear each other with them if we weren’t already standing close enough to hear each other without the walkie-talkies.

  6. Now that is definitely an 80s flashback. Though I personally never used things like this, I grew up in that decade and this is definitely 80s stuff. And seeing the sticker and receipt from Kaybee is another flashback. It’s now been about 6 years since Kaybee toys bit the dust. Serious flashback stuff here!

  7. Kaybee toy store! Brings me back to a nostalgic moment when I was a kid. Thanks for the memory of this I have forgotten.

  8. “Remember when this blog used to be about fun stuff and awesome 80s toys? Remember before my life got super serious and introspective? Remember when I was a different person? Young and carefree? Yeah, that.”
    Yes, but that is way I love your blog. It ranges from very silly toys and weird candy to some of the most serious moments in life, each topic showcasing your great writing skills.

  9. Ahh the memories of using nearly identical walkies (mine were grey – fancy, i know) to talk to my little brother on the other side of the house, only to have to walk around the house until we were practically next to each other to get enough signal to hear him. They picked up my mom’s cordless phone conversations and the neighbor’s baby monitor clear as crystal, though.

  10. About a year ago, I bought a pair of walkie-talkie watches for my son, I think I loved them more than him, though they had a range of about ten foot. Unfortunately they didn’t last long but great fun while they did!

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