Things My Mom Saved – Number 2


This is not just a valentine to Mom — it is a historical relic that was obviously printed on the very first printer in existence. This is also a piece depicting enthrallment and joy — at discovering MS-Paint for the first time — or whatever trip I was on that afternoon. I had also discovered the copy and paste functions, with which I was drunk and smitten. with which I was drunk and smitten. with which I was drunk and smitten. with which I was drunk and smitten.

Okay, now that we’re past the goofy nostalgia of old-timey computer stuff, let’s just face the cold truth here: three-year-olds could make this on a computer. Unfortunately I cannot cop out and say I made this when I was three. Because none of this existed when I was three. Nope, by the time it was reasonably affordable to own a dot matrix printer in one’s home, it was like 1992. People, I WAS TWELVE.

I couldn’t even draw a smiley face circle. Did I really draw that oblong blob, shrug, and think “good enough”? Yep, I did. It’s basically my approach to life to this day. Let’s just paste a few more of these clip art dogs in here, and click print. Done! SHE’LL LOVE IT. And the thing is, she did. I found this tucked into the back of a photo album, behind some old report cards. Maybe she was just impressed with my “mad computer skills.”

7 thoughts on “Things My Mom Saved – Number 2

  1. This is just LOVE
    Thank You for sharing
    Your BLOG has always been about sharing
    I’ve never met you, and yet I have
    Thank you

  2. I love that this still has the perforated strips on the side. I used to love ripping those off. I was a strange child.

    Looking forward to more digital art you might dig up!

  3. And those “mad computer skills” your mother loved so very much are continuing to touch many hearts with lessons of life, love and laughter. Thank you for….all of it.

  4. This brings back memories, and sour nostalgia. I’m so sorry for your loss. She is a brilliant person, and adorkable too! Thanks for sharing this, I know it might have been hard.

    (Also, I’m new around here and I’m not sure how I can attract readers to my blog, but if you ever wanted to check it out, I would appreciate it very much!)

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