Things My Mom Saved


Been going through a lot of albums over the last couple days and have been genuinely surprised by some of the things my Mom saved from our childhoods. There is enough Things My Mom Saved to become a regular feature — ranging from bags of unidentified baby teeth (my sister has decided she wants to keep them and I’m totally okay with that) to horrible artwork that only a mother could love.

I’ve always joked that she threw away all the art I ever did, given that it was embarrassingly terrible, but I’ve discovered she did in fact keep a secret stash of choice pieces. You might think this Beach Duck is “not terrible” for a kid to do, but I strongly suspect this is a middle school assignment from the shading lesson, which would make me about 13 or 14. I’m also thinking it was influenced by the Duckman cartoon, which aired in 1994.

It’s pretty clear I have no grasp on shading, lighting, letter spacing, or perspective. However, I think my attention to unique details saves the piece:

– Duck with webbed feet wearing flippers
– Boombox with muscial note
– Dead fish with tongue
– Rad 90s muumuu (that says Beach, driving the point home)
– John Lennon sunglasses, gelled, slicked-over feathers
– Life preserver, because safety first

9 thoughts on “Things My Mom Saved

  1. That bill, the shading it so exquisite. It’s like an Audubon picture. That’s a great find, I especially like that the duck seems to own clothing for whatever location he’s at. I picture “Restaurant”, “Zoo”, and “Disney World” as other collections in his closet.

  2. What I love is that it’s either a really gigantic duck or a really tiny beach mat/ umbrella combo. More Things My Mom Saved!

  3. I love this. And I agree with scorpiojeni that childhood art can tell us a lot about ourselves. A couple months ago my mom brought over a bunch of my old school work and we laughed for hours. Looks like not only was your mom a wonderful woman but also full of surprises. Keep ’em coming.

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