Halloween Countdown: I Have Too Many Latex Eyeballs


I have too many latex eyeballs. This happened innocently enough. Was at the thrift store, saw a big bag of latex eyeballs in rubbery puddles of blood for sale. Did not think twice. Needed them. Bought them. Got home and golly gee, I ALREADY HAD SOME. (The smaller ones.) My old latex eyeballs were dollar store ones though. These new ones are clearly an upgrade.

Here’s my “Halloween Mood Table” for the year:


A Halloween Mood Table is an idea I stole from another blog a long time ago and I strongly encourage you to steal it from mine. Basically you take a table in your living room, pile it up with anything Halloween-related you can find, and it’s like a Halloween-version of a Christmas tree. I love decorating my mood table every year, and it has become a legit tradition in our house.

New additions for 2013:


I found an 80s Ben Cooper plastic smock/hobo costume recently. I’m pretending it’s a) a headless trick-or-treater b) an invisible trick-or-treater c) all of the above.

Then I also found this thing:


It’s from 1992 and looks mostly unremarkable until you see the face:


Yep, it’s got a day-glo smiling face with green fangs. SOLD.

Other Halloween happenings: We watched this movie Mama. Creepy-ass kids in movies are always a guarantee of a spooky movie. The wife screamed aloud at several points and scared the dog. I liked 85% of it but thought the ending was beyond stupid. They tried to end it too fancy, too thoughtfully. I like my endings predictable and cliched. It’s a freaking horror movie. They’re supposed to end the way you expect them to.

We also tried VHS, another found-footage movie. Got about thirty minutes into it, but hated it and turned it off. Gruesome for no reason, without artfulness. Humorless. Weird, annoying rapey characters. No one to root for or care about. The plot of the movie one big device.

Also, this snack is ruling my life so hard right now:


Five words: pumpkin and bat-shaped pretzels.


8 responses to “Halloween Countdown: I Have Too Many Latex Eyeballs

  1. Your mood table is da bomb.

  2. Where’d you find the multi-eyed potato head? That’s awesome!

  3. Another enjoyable article. I too, love the Halloween season; only my family is not really into it. I mostly just enjoy it myself. Maybe people will remember me as the one who gives candies in handmade Halloween themed gift boxes.

  4. Far better to have too many latex eyeballs than not enough…

  5. Love the mood table and snack. A couple weeks ago, my husband came home with those cool aid jammers and fruit rollups you reviewed earlier. Also the retro monster cereal. Halloween has the best snacks.

  6. I love this Mood Table, and I love the rats :D
    The Halloween Mood Table is invented by Matt from Dinosaur Dracula (X-Entertainment secuel). I don’t make Halloween Mood Tables because I have almost no Halloween related items :(
    Worse, my toy rat is white D:

  7. I love the hand with the rat on it and the severed ear in a jar. I don’t think there’s such as thing as “too much” when it comes to Halloween.

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