Halloween Countdown: NO REGRETS


Paid five dollars for this and NO REGRETS WERE HAD. Of course, the wife threatened to turn her into a pumpkin pie. That’s just cruel.

Let’s see. So far our Halloween events calendar (it’s a real thing) has been kind of stark. There was tornadohurricaineapocalypse weather all last week, so we didn’t really hit up our fall joints like the pumpkin patches and corn mazes and fall festivals.

We watched Paranormal Activity 4 one of the nights. For some reason, I really like these movies, even though I hate myself for it. See my previous post for love of found footage movies, even if these should have gone direct-to-video some time ago. Yeah, I just used the word video. Video just seems the only proper format/lingo for horror movies.

But you know what? The Paranormal Activity movies are actually kind of good. They’ve all been made with a certain sincerity and haven’t fucked with the formula that made the first one entertaining. I always go into it thinking each new film is going to be the one where the thinly-stretched plot lines finally start to snap, but they’ve all held up for me. What is considered to be the greatest horror movie ever made? I probably haven’t seen it. But I’ve seen all four Paranormal Activity movies. NO REGRETS WERE HAD.

Other not-regretful activity:

– I decorated the house with my annual Halloween get-up, which basically involves three entire bags of cotton-stretchy cob web stretched across the front of the porch. Yes, three entire bags.

– Ate an entire bag of fun-sized chocolates in a week.

– I found this for a dollar at the thrift store and bought it instantly:


You have to admit this is amazing. I love that it still has the original toy store tag on it. (Lionel Kiddie City, $5.99) It’s from 1992.

Obviously these figures were quick Halloween cash grabs tied in with the hugely popular Monster In My Pocket toys. Each “Howler” includes SCARY MONSTROUS SOUNDS. Allow me to demonstrate in this hastily-made blurry video:

NO REGRETS. Taking a long weekend, so the Halloween Countdown is taking a day off tomorrow. See you Monday.


8 responses to “Halloween Countdown: NO REGRETS

  1. Army of Darkness. It’s not even really a horror movie, but it’s just maybe one of the greatest (terriblest) films of all time. “Boom Stick!”
    If I had one more choice though, Candyman scared the crap out of me

  2. Army of Darkness is the BF’s fav as well. In terms of scariness, I would definitely have to go with Nightmare on Elm Street. My brother had a Freddy Kruger glove and would terrorize me with it.

    Pizza, I would also have no regrets about any of those activities and purchases. I feel like eating excessive amounts of Halloween candy is training camp for the excessive amounts of cookies coming in a couple of months. And that Howler toy is just plain awesome.

  3. I second the Nightmare on Elm Street films, but might only have found them terrifying because I saw them when I was 8. Event Horizon was decently spooky, and I can only watch The Exorcist with the lights on and in company – learned that last one the hard way.
    Haven’t seen any of the Paranormal Activity franchise, but may have to investigate based on your recommendation.

  4. Oh my god …. The Conjuring. You guys – GO RENT THE CONJURING. It scared the crap out of me … on my couch …. in mid afternoon

  5. “Monster in my Pocket” ? Ok the jokes would be just too easy here.

  6. 3 bags of spider web. I find that to be the perfect amount. The negative is the bugs that ACTUALLY get stuck in it over the month. That’s when my regrets begin.

  7. Sincerely enjoying your Halloween countdown. I decorated (meaning I watched my son decorate) our yard the first week of this month. Went to a big Halloween bash last night as Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company. Then had a dream about one of those demon babies from the Spirit store. So I’m really getting into the holiday even earlier this year. Guess it’s time to rent the original Evil Dead or The Shining.

  8. That Howler is amazing! It sounds like a pug with a sinus problem. Definite non-regret.

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